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ball bag

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  1. ball bag


    That alright,I know its been some years,hit me with a pm if you ever come across them.And thanks for not being a shithead.
  2. went to jail,then the hospital,and finally right back to jail.
  3. ball bag


    exactly what i asked for....thanks for nothing dildo.^^
  4. ball bag


    im looking for more of this guys stuff,painted mostly between96 and2000.not sure if this is the right place to ask so if its the wrong forum,i guess eat a tip.
  5. Get Hippy Eater or Get Out.
  6. I think he is..I heard he makes a few appereances at New Skool shop in San Jose once in a while..Not sure though.. Quoted post [/b] Has his own shop in s.f. last i checked
  7. not actually mine,but mine looks similar.
  8. i got perfect...I must be straight outta compton
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