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  1. all because not a lot of pics are appearing on site, doesnt mean nothing is getting done!
  2. The not so good one in London,& the legendry one in Sheff spring to mind
  3. Quaffing champage,while getting a sun tan in Malibu
  4. Antwerp cental,Bruxelles Gare du Midi or Berchem,rush hour and count the pics!
  5. It was class when i went the other year, great food & sun, and watch the local lines finest roll by all covered...and a trip to Naples to boot!
  6. The London Underground/UK commuters should be combined as a thread at the moment...apart from a few nuggets,christ what a lot of utter bollocks. A comparison...for every one decent peice that doesnt get shown,10 pieces of crap do...
  7. so many trains...so many companies
  8. i didnt know how to spell veg samosas!:lol:
  9. I was thinking that...too many sausage rolls over Christmas!:lol:
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