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  1. fucking dragon force.... on fucking tour!!!!!! playing colorado may 8th. oh fuck yeah. mmmmmeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll
  2. sup childrens... being back home is fucking positive. getting in such good shape. working at the best restaurant in colorado. moshing on a regular basis... word. recorded first track as a band--awesome--black dahlia murder meets darkest hour, children of bodom, amon amarth, and some black metal shiz....... metal. big news--no mas edge! drunk on bikes.... starting a crew of that ethic--KINGS OF METAL. i'm sure KOM is taken by someone, somewhere, but we're not them. we're positive kids on single speeds and fixies. yeah................................... KOM KOM KOM FR FR FR
  3. i'll just call myself out since it'll be a couple weeks before my feet are on the ground. next time y;all are getting some fucking metal. worrrrrrrrrrd
  4. i'd definately say HP is the worst. only been there twice, once for someone to prove that the TL isn't the worst. and again because i got on the wrong bus after a show at the pound... mindnight in hp, it was an experience and i thought i was going to get stabbed. fucking crazies down there... i move today. 5 hours til i hit the road. burn this fucking place to the ground while i'm gone, 'aight? ha. was too tired to go painting last night. i took notes for my final (which i'm going to fail in about 25 minutes). dinner at GREENS was kind of disappointing. good food, and nothing really
  5. mission is probably next best. otherwise check balboa park or daily city, there is stuff around there thats more reasonable than the city.
  6. love the breast cancer scar... damn. no pics, no credit kid. you're probably gay. until you prove otherwise we ALL think that is the case. *edit: i'm good at typing...
  7. i'm thrilled. i'm leaving the TL for good. lived here at larkin and ellis for a year... heart of the shit. fuckin' horrible place. could be worse. could be detroit...
  8. if you get there, then it'll serve you well. first.
  9. i fucking hate wellsfargo. gotta do a shit ton of laundry tonight. fuxor. move tomorrow, surprisingly not stressed out about it. when i moved here i was freaking the fuck out. i guess i'm more stoked on moving home. i pissed off like 6 fat people on the bus today by bitching about fat people being fat. it was pretty amusing. my companions were not enjoying my company. went to macy's and looked at calphalon stuff... all clad too. no way either of those will happen, so i'm looking at cuisinart stuff. its good, and way cheaper, just, not allclad... i've got lots of spending to do a
  10. i myspaced you. get back at me whenever.
  11. i really like that bag. i need a new one, broke... word up sparo.
  12. nigga, i leave friday at noon. so no can do. TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. sounds good. how's 3 oclock sound? haaaaaaaaaa. no but really, i'm going to dinner around 9, so like 11ish i'm free... i'll buy you a drunk.
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