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  1. Focken rights man!! Nice post!! love the raw spek! Call me!! Its's Tod!!
  2. Very sick post!!! Where were these caught?? Thanks...
  3. Where were these caught?
  4. We were painting hoppers and heard someone running towards us on the gravel. We could see the silloettes of 2 guys agianst the hoppers directly across from us. It was too late to run anywhere so we just waited to see what would befall us. The piont of this story is no one came except for an extremely cold gust of wind. That was the first and last time I painted that spot. Ghosts are probably the best way to keep anyone out of any yard.
  5. Hey!! I was curious as to where these were caught?? Nice post!!!
  6. I was curious as to whether or not American or Canadian owned frieghts went into Mexico?? If so what companys frieghts have been known to go into Mexico?? Thanks
  7. Where were these caught?? A homeboy of mine had a panel in your post. Thanks!!
  8. I would assume that the cars have some kind of film or protective covering on them when they are kept inside the trains. It doesnt seem logical that the cars exterior would be completely exposed to the elements. There's alot of corosive chemicals and harmful dusts in and around train yards. Just a thought..But thanks alot for the feedback!
  9. I have a quick question concerning autoracks. If there are cars being stored inside when you are painting will this produce off spray on the vehicles????? Do you guys know if people paint them when cars are inside???? Thanks for the help guys!! PEACE!
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