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Everything posted by coldmilkcup

  1. coldmilkcup

    When ravers mope

    Is this strictly a Melbourne thing: ?
  2. coldmilkcup


    You know how I do.
  3. coldmilkcup

    When ravers mope

    :haha: dude man pissed his pants Quoted post You know you're at a rave when there's people on the floor... Quoted post [/b] As opposed to say...the rediculously loud electronica and strobe lights and people with glow sticks and fat pants?
  4. coldmilkcup


  5. coldmilkcup

    i'm gettin Fu*ked

    Fuck your dad.
  6. coldmilkcup

    quit smoking...

    Three weeks and one day. Fuck ABC.
  7. coldmilkcup

    Whatup WhodieLife

    Pronounciation: Hoody/who die?
  8. coldmilkcup

    trailer park boys

    Fucking fuck yes.
  9. coldmilkcup

    trailer park boys

    This show is the fucking business. It's on cable in Australia, but everyone's sleeping.
  10. coldmilkcup

    Graff SonGz

    You fucking wanker.
  11. coldmilkcup

    Pop teenage hitler lovers.

    I wondered the same thing. After some research I have discovered that it is representative of HH [A=1 etc], an acronym for Heil Hitler.
  12. coldmilkcup

    I wanna see your...........PETS!

  13. coldmilkcup

    my vegemite weighs a ton

  14. coldmilkcup

    my vegemite weighs a ton

    Vegemite is clearly awesome. Also, is Milo available in countries outside of Australia?
  15. coldmilkcup

    I wanna see your...........PETS!

    I'm not from America, what's all this shit about? Something about banning pit bulls? That site is fucking corny, but this still made my heart bleed flowers:
  16. coldmilkcup

    I wanna see your...........PETS!

    Bernie: 9 month old golden retriever/setter[we think]. Edit: That dingo is awesome.
  17. coldmilkcup


    DJ Vadim [ft. Motion Man] - The Terrorist.
  18. coldmilkcup

    The best of Google Video and YouTube

    Any Street Fighter heads: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=66...4479&q=evo+2004
  19. coldmilkcup


    You can't be serious. 2006[06], 2106[06], 2206[06], 2306[06]. You get the point, anyway I will presume that your call was some kind of ruse and that I have been lured into making a blatantly obvious comment. End transmission.
  20. coldmilkcup

    Australia Day is Comming

    Haha! Australia day down Melbourne town was more or less in the same condition. It was fourty fucking degrees and Triple J's Hottest 100 lost me fifteen fucking dollars and a whole bunch of respect. Bernard Fanning? Eat my arse. Anyway, barbeques are awesome and Carlton Draught now comes with approximately 1/8th advertising for ringtones rather than coloquial trivia. Fuck you.
  21. coldmilkcup

    "MENSA Intelligence Test".

    http://www.mensa-test.com/ This is clearly not endorsed by MENSA, and most likely only endorsed by "IQ clubs" that also double as a certified Viagra agent. Anyway, it is a bit of fun.
  22. coldmilkcup

    cops being cops being cops being cops

  23. coldmilkcup

    When your friends get mugged on your doorstep

    Considering as he is offline and I am bored, I will field that one. He lives in Sydney, which is [arguably] the roughest of the capital cities in Australia in terms of juvenile crime [gangs/bashings etc.]. Edit: Spelang.
  24. coldmilkcup

    What was the first tape you listened to...

    Wait, didn't that album drop in 1998? Perhaps you are thinking of another title.
  25. coldmilkcup

    MySpace Helps Police Track Down Writers

    "In just under two years, MySpace.com has trounced its main competitor, Friendster, to become one of the largest websites on the internet is not an easy task." That is seriously one of the most incoherent sentences I have read in a good while.