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  1. Is this strictly a Melbourne thing: ?
  2. coldmilkcup


    You know how I do.
  3. :haha: dude man pissed his pants Quoted post You know you're at a rave when there's people on the floor... Quoted post [/b] As opposed to say...the rediculously loud electronica and strobe lights and people with glow sticks and fat pants?
  4. Three weeks and one day. Fuck ABC.
  5. Pronounciation: Hoody/who die?
  6. This show is the fucking business. It's on cable in Australia, but everyone's sleeping.
  7. I wondered the same thing. After some research I have discovered that it is representative of HH [A=1 etc], an acronym for Heil Hitler.
  8. Vegemite is clearly awesome. Also, is Milo available in countries outside of Australia?
  9. I'm not from America, what's all this shit about? Something about banning pit bulls? That site is fucking corny, but this still made my heart bleed flowers:
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