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  1. nice flick of that The numb good bench.
  2. veks is awesome size21 coupe sars/slowpoke
  3. ooooh. a capricorn. that explains everything.
  4. thanks for posting a bunch of stuff I didn't get out of my car for on sunday.
  5. a new sahl fr8. awesome. RIP Ian Talty. great post.
  6. Bogut's finally okay with the "leader" role. The Bucks are the shit for doing it all without Redd though. east division giant killers. after the timberwolves released my man Alando Tucker after not giving him a fair shot when the team's chocked full of scrubs... I refuse to believe they even exist anymore. fucking dead to me. and I used to be a big Kurt Rambis fan.
  7. eros craig ehlo yabs/meh/phully peter sarzguard
  8. man, your low light shots from last night make mine look worthless. bump the rare eros/kaper
  9. i liked the oldies and the shewp
  10. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... drunk bitches singing along to sublime on the jukebox
  11. that's cool. much better than trading names on a panel cause who ever burns the other guy loses.
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