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  1. so far this page is nothing but fire... let's keep it that way!
  2. damn tride eatin yall fools up over here good to see some avoid welcome to the clique homie ruiner is a machine designed in the future and sent back to 2013 to stunt on the rest of NC especially on the street tip... catch up...
  3. and toys please quit blowing up my inbox i am sick of having to empty that shit idc about u
  4. well damn i think 2013 might be over in march LOL... hottest wall of the year that first gyser is fresh and killin 90% of the trendy crap you toys are bumping DES!!!!
  5. listen junior, you go over a veteran OG like IREE with the kind of doo doo that kid paints, you get hated on for life. if youre still mad about it after you grow up come find me, i'll be waiting (i dont hurt women or childen)
  6. win/fowl with the money shot... cream where is the zhou between that barz/leder??? cant forget the homie. whoever keeps posting stuke, that shit is diarhhea cut it out
  7. someone so scared of the clique they made a new screen name just to talk shit. unfortunately for them lions don't concern themselves with the opinions of sheep. on another note, those last couple panels are pure fire and everyone else in the carolinas needs to get on MOMS/KTC/KOC's level. bitches.
  8. yeah i caught him peein on my house one time. he seems to be a habitual line stepper.
  9. another graduate from sour's hard knocks school of graff making waves on 12 oz. what else is new? Those novas are fire, that fowl and melt up top took that wall easy
  10. moms lords ktc koc killin everyone. like that even needs to be said anymore
  11. mom is too hot for dad and looks like she may have an onion booty. holla berd
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