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  1. blunt alamo. and everyhting on the WSORs looks like a good year
  2. you guys win, i hate you now. if I knew what your graffiti looked like, i'd dis it. -each2 ipctw
  3. if Eyedea was still here he could rap the insults you have for him back to you before you even could finish em. game over. dude owed me lots of camel lights and mac and cheese. I ain't mad. why is anyone mad? some of these dudes are acting like he crushed their hopes and dreams or someshit. wierd. I hope ya'll feel better. it's a great day to be alive.
  4. thuh heat shore killed it cav always
  5. bring back color place equipment yellow.
  6. pedro/arch/static and I like the grief panel a lot.
  7. http://www.twincities.com/news/ci_16083901?source=rss&nclick_check=1 don't fuck with wisco bitches. Associated Press Updated: 09/15/2010 04:56:28 PM CDT CHILTON, Wis. — A Fond du Lac man is suing the woman who allegedly sought revenge for this cheating ways by tying him up and gluing his penis to his stomach. The 38-year-old man filed the lawsuit against 49-year-old Therese A. Ziemann of Menasha in late July. Last week, her attorney filed a motion seeking to dismiss the case. Calumet County prosecutors say Ziemann lured the man to a motel on July 30, 2009. After tying him to the bed under the pretense of sex, Ziemann called three other women to the room. They berated the man before Ziemann struck him and glued his penis to his body. All four women were eventually placed on probation. Davis is asking for monetary damages for medical expenses and as punishment for Ziemann's actions. I
  8. for the madison kids ... 1999 - 2004 http://www.dazibao24.com/graffitiindex.html
  9. mesko was my favorite toil vars asoe i got juice like bruce........ willis. thank you fans, thank you millions of fans you see this dark spot right here? that's my real skin color. my whole other shit is a birthmark...
  10. the/vers eachz/the/meter/reakt/jacs madtown's finest...10 years ago.
  11. the AlB's the HM's the other local boys and that wisk piece.
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