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  1. favorites from the last little while I'll try for 50.
  2. stun kerse ill stuff and things too
  3. seeing tons of "terms" lately
  4. metal heads needs more soundtracks like this. maple mesko
  5. Tom's Burnt Down Cafe Tom's Burnt Down Cafe is a unique bar and art gallery located in Wisconsin on Madeline Island. Tom and couple of partners moved an old bar named Leona's into the town of La Point. They worked for over a year to renovate Leona's into a bar and restaurant, and then the unexpected happened. A small fire in the back of the building quickly got of control and the place burned almost to the ground. After the fire the lot was cleaned of debris and the remains of the deck that Leona's building was placed on was repaired. Chairs and tables were gathered from the local dump and a large 40ft trailer was now the new building. With a large tarp for a roof Tom's Burnt Down Cafe was ready to open for business.. "It’s not just a bar, café & art gallery, it’s an adventure!"
  6. all the minneapolis kids. and was and normal. nice post.
  7. whole can of lagoon, wasted.
  8. bump Culver's, Menards. and Point Amber. and motherfucking cheesecurds.
  9. most of this entire thread is still running aside from a couple torn down buildings and scrapped freights. A testament to the fact that they're well respected and for good reason. -the graffiti scriptures 8:13
  10. along the same lines I don't know half these people were from there, because they aren't busy rocking "chicago!!!" tags next to their shit cause they know better than to shit where they eat. I was throwing mine into a less obvious "midwest" freight thread, which is still kinda shady on my part. I feel like it's all good though if you were to post like 10 year old SB productions though, cause the statute of limitations is up. good luck with internet politicians. -bencho
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