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  1. illstate

    I wanna see your...........PETS!

    my lil pup. he's 1 year and 3 months now.named Choco hes my benching buddy
  2. illstate

    chicago (and all illinois) freight scene

    where all the flicks at??? this bench is long been dead going to have to bring it back to life
  3. illstate


    Halloween costume!!!
  4. illstate


    obey making that money that niggas wish they were making .. bump that obey shit..
  5. illstate

    ** The Booty Appreciation Thread **

    Does this " badest bitch in the game" have a name?
  6. illstate

    chicago (and all illinois) freight scene

    i dont know but wyse will crush him on that bombing tip... and as for the afroe not sure i could barley make out the afore
  7. illstate

    mark suck cock

    i love how wyse put " you fucked up" and "you to"
  8. illstate