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  1. aye, the site I was watching basketball got took down by the nfl/homlan sekerity for the super bowl (fuck.) any chance I can watch the miserable bucks anywhere else? anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.
  2. that suga is how it's done. alamo revel numb solo soneykins i like your hopper and boxcar selection
  3. when you're paid well to serve humanity, fuck "being human." a mistake would have been "well, i tripped and fell into her pussy?!" I don't completely trust either party but the cop broke the rules and should be fired. at least. 90% of minneapolis cops can get their teeth knocked out so they can give me a gummer. madison cops have been good at their jobs except the ones that steal coke from evidence to give to their 17 year old boy toys or the ones that pee in bums' liquor bottles while they're passed out. go packers. hurs a picture.
  4. my favorite coupe style. good post through and through
  5. that nome baer car is fucking cool. so's that engine piece so much shit from the homies, thanks.
  6. turtle saved it's self guy on acid in tree (that looked like a slingshot) was kinda half in the drink by the time I could take time to get a shot.
  7. benching was really weird this year. ^^^ stay high and dry fuckers.
  8. snowed in with cabin fever bad... my favorites from the past couple of months, from minnesota mostly.
  9. slash your lower case "e" and you'll magically transport yourself to 1995
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