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  1. hope solo alamo impeach kewdy kdwb 101.3 all rhianna all the time.
  2. jerc stuk ears suck thanks for the iphone dedication.
  3. i'd prop you but you're the only guy I sign in to prop apparently.
  4. "fuck you lebron" you mad. nice bench
  5. one of my favs of all time, especially the flower pot one, and the jams with lamps. the last one's tucked inside a railroad museum in st. paul, minnesota, until they get the funds to repaint her I think. keep up this thread
  6. saw a showbiz tag on law and order last night, an episode about the girls getting groped at the portorican day parade
  7. fuggin awesome as always. come to fargo on july 9th and I'll buy you a beer.
  8. ive always liked that curious car.
  9. RIP TRACTOR TRAILOR~!!!! fuck stale blunts.
  10. RIP BSTER!!!!! aqua stampt
  11. you must spread some reputation around before giving it to nodakfreights again.
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