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  1. tidy cats bag, so necessary.
  2. swerv aka gonzolito aka james bluntski, aka ishshshshshsh aka donnie darko milosivic the mockery bring it back! meh
  3. sad to hear, was a fan of his poetry albeit I only had 1 book, signed by him from the year he was king..."the fall of the CGW," but we frequented the same places often. south saint paul was always a fan of a ballsy street spot to write that long of a moniker and a date across highway 2 from UP's superior WI yard. can't find the photo offhand, but it's still there for all I know. ride in peace.
  4. forgot how long this takes... check out more... benchomatic on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/22558285@N00/
  5. photos from december to this weekend, benched in minnesota and wisconsin
  6. sibl is great. so are nmph and much
  7. rolling sitting round 651/612
  8. bogus cut off again. nice post otherwise.
  9. I imagine the people getting pissed in this thread are only mad cause they're projecting their own anger with them selves that they haven't painted in a while, don't get the same fans for "keeping it real" and for being reminded of vagina or huge cocks when they don't have enough; wether for literal or figurative reasons. confidential to lush: when painting naked, don't touch your dick with anything with paint on it unless you're in the mood for a gential warts scare. -dr. cheese
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