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  1. That rodeo hand is pretty coo
  2. holy shit that Hindue is fire Pie Amek
  3. Yo wellofsouls,I know you're jock in those hand styles rooks got haha, damn that's sorry
  4. Roks better get a job at home depot if he's gonna start tryin to go over all leaks tags on freight... Poor kid don't know when he's beat..
  5. Dopest hands? We've lowered the standards wayyy to much
  6. Where are the demesions going on this? Ain't tryin to hate..
  7. No leak flicks buts his name is all up in your mouth alot Guy must be doin something right
  8. That leaks throwup is better than anything I've seen from nbk, sad...
  9. couple of these still runnin out there
  10. went for a walk watched the game and had some brews made some miso soup with udon noodles
  11. Re: NHL 09-10 Season (aka pens repeat, kris draper loves anal sex) Good job.... You guys avoided a sweep... Pshhjhh.
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