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  1. Rest In Peace SIRE 365, still running strong on that HS box 15 years later !
  2. Great post, love seeing benching from the boroughs !
  3. Nice to see SUMIT got out !
  4. HIP HOP CHRIS 217, 1984 !! This guy was up bigtime back in the day...
  5. Seriously, I'd love to see somebody find a treasure chest loaded with pics of the Queens lines from that era as well !!
  6. They just keep appearing, incredible, so thankful this guy was out there and preserved the pics...
  7. Oh my goodness, another incredible batch of classic jewels got posted, 85's and 84's...
  8. Always a good monday morning when new jewels showed up on the subway site, 1985's...
  9. ^Nice^ EX-1 up top, OE & P13 always somewhere in the classic pics, they got busy !
  10. Someone should flic that nice Vane rooftop on Congress, saw that last night but no camera on hand unfortunately.
  11. SIKE 112pk !!! Where did you find that killer classic ??
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