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  1. that hash is still running. hell yeah. the sevdog
  2. :toothache: :toothache: :$: :toothache: :toothache: thanks man
  3. Re: The resteraunt at the end of the universe nice post river teggie meh
  4. I see em rolling. stay up kid.
  5. ahh, yes. dane does extrapolate on many a fine point, but hast thou ever pondered the panoramic view whilst pissing away the fabric of time? taking in the song of the red wing black bird into account or giving thanks and praise to the deer god (faunas deericus) dom delouise the third junior?... nevertheless and notwithstanding, many different anaologies, similies, and metaphors may be laid to waste while you are within the legacy, aura and sanctitude of terra earth's iron parallell bars and furthermore my blunt just went out. the steel buffet's open kid. geaah.
  6. river swerv meh denz rove weasl hybrid/intel that one green canadien e2e thing cmo's floaters on auto flats thanks man
  7. all the haters just have a case of the mondays.... hope suck tsone able phully river x2 and a grip more derks
  8. ha ha you're stuck. cheeesy
  9. Re: Thread Title 4 nice wake peice...and the unfinishednessess thanks for posting!
  10. where the fuck are you getting these flcisk of the 7up factory and old middleton before they redid it??? and that one Set panel you got is from montreal, not wisconsin even though i used to catch lots of his shit on those green cp's... peace.
  11. done. get well soon joe, hippy.
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