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  1. I put a lot of love into taking that one for that reason... yeah right.
  2. boycott burger king. extremly biased post, best out of 800. if your panel didn't get posted harass me and I'll see what i can do. ps...i haven't coughed up any money for photobucket in a while, i could see the bandwidth going quick. sorry in advance. send donations.
  3. gash is such an awesome word nice postie
  4. the/jerc evone crusty texas shit doe buttholes
  5. del monte is spanish for "whale's vagina" hope4 ears
  6. loving that hour/size jammy aqua quick color rocking the ninja stars kids nice phrite my favorite seone and that E on the phone peice blew my mind.
  7. i don't even know where i am right now guys
  8. that's the best slut peice i've seen
  9. river meh size21 stok viper big vain keep on shining pedi
  10. that cable turned out real nice. so did urine. and cycle, well, that goes withous saying, suck too.
  11. rip midwest eyesore size21erski rezist should get paid for rust removal on that one... thanks you little fuck.
  12. sip thuh mines coupe ts i hope to revisit that place sometime, all the damn reefers contrast more without the snow
  13. no better flattery than jelous kids shooting off at the mouth... thanks for all the local flavor. specially that stamped rbox. too bad about the badgers eh?
  14. nice alch aqua nmph hope4
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