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  1. my girlfriend has a chihuahua.... the i don't think it's ever managed to come close to breaking the skin with bites. also, why did he need to put THREE rounds in it?!? i feel like ONE would have torn it to pieces.... also, and i could be wrong here, but..... i watch animal planet on occasion. whenever theres any sort animal-cops show on, they'll bring in TRAINED DOG CATCHERS to catch whatever it is. MAYBE i could understand the need to shoot it if this was a rottie (or something....) and it was bugging out in the front of the house and looking like it might be a danger to the community at large. but this is a tiny dog. i'm sure the two of them could have stood on the porch and blocked it in. or toss a milk crate over it for fucks sake.... pussies.
  2. okay.... well.... after seeing those photos, i'm going to go ahead and move right on to wondering when she became such an art fag.
  3. bullshit..... unless i see photos or something credible. 1) why?!? 2) it seems a bit odd to me that a group attempting to draw attention to the dwindling great white shark population would start in the midwestern US. it's landlocked. most of those people aren't going to give a fuck about sharks no matter how many posters you put up. should have picked a city with a more sensible demographic. anyway....
  4. yeah dude, fuck learning about shit. totally! much better to spew verbal diarrhea and make yourself look like a fucking retard... yet again.
  5. Tyler Durden


    i should post pics of my baileyworks..... i've had it for a little over 5 years now. it's covered in paint (inside and out), i broke the cross-compression strap thing. lost the small back buckles..... but, structurally, it's still in perfect condition.
  6. if i'm not mistaken.... a telecommunications company bought the building and are finishing the facade. not the inside. it's going to be a huge telecom tower.
  7. let's not forget this gem. in my top 3 favorite movies ever.
  8. This thread is making me feel a lot better about myself. I've fought with girlfriends at parties.... but it's mostly because I'm "not paying enough attention to them". That being said: The bitchy girlfriend who is acting like a bitch because she doesn't know anybody at the party and is scared of your friends.... Really? I've gone to your wack parties with your retard art school friends who suck at everything and have been content to smoke cigarettes, drink, and draw by myself. Or I'll try to find something to interest me while you're "enjoying yourself". I don't complain. Maybe you shouldn't complain when I bring you to an actual party with more than 10 people just because a lot of my friends happen to be there and I'm walking around talking to everyone. Take a cab home if you're so miserable. Don't keep asking me why I'm not talking to you. Maybe if you had something to say besides "I don't think your friends like me....." I would be talking to you. Maybe my friends would like you too. Maybe you should go get that cab now.....
  9. my dude! holy shit. a trip is long overdue.... i'll bring the xan-bars. blackout time.
  10. ..... if you were to construct a time machine, the furthest back in time that you would be able to travel would be to when you constructed said time machine.
  11. Tyler Durden


    hahaha.... that's funny. i lurk on certain forums and just realized who you are. alien frame, right? nice build.
  12. Re: we usually rob niggas for they garments thread "states of grace" is an awesome fucking song. also:
  13. the membership/ad thing has been around for a minute now..... why would i want to invest any of my money into this now (after the crash)? no thanks.
  14. shitty econo-bucket or not..... i don't think that a v-8 is going to make a world of difference when you go up against an 18 wheeler.
  15. a poorly written re-write that wasn't amusing. also, it wasn't really ironic. sorry that i speak in a way that's (usually) grammatically correct.
  16. granted, i have a feeling that i wont be seeing 30. just the same, i'd rather that any of my friends who plan on living to a ripe ol' age don't have to suffer through anything that's preventable..... or their children for that matter. i'm so glad that your money is "long", but that doesn't make you any less of a tool, unfortunately. i'm sort of impressed that some of you are actually trying to be douchebags about this to someone with a strong architectural/engineering background (soup, i don't remember exactly what you said you were a professor of.... sorry). just the same though, you can tell that most of you fall into one of the two categories: 1)people under 18 who are just chock full of that teen-angst stuff. i suppose this makes you only half-stupid.... as you're ignorant and getting angry at you would be the same as thinking that your new puppy understands why you're mad that it crapped on the rug. then again, i'm sure that theres at least one of you who's still crapping their pants. i forgot what the correlation was that i was going to make there...... but it had to do with you being young retards who shit your pants. run with that. 2)people over 18 who are just flat out stupid and need to voice their "opinions" as though it was some sort of a virtue to be mentally-retarded. have fun with being written off for the rest of your miserable lives. those of us who have some degree of intelligence will be rolling our eyes and laughing at you for the rest of your life. run with that too. on that note, it's wine time.
  17. what was the point of that? congrats, you're now part of the idiotic majority. how nice for you.
  18. the overwhelming idiocy of the majority on here never ceases to amaze me.
  19. thankfully i've mastered the art of texting without looking at my phone.
  20. i feel sorry for you. keep watching "quality films" such as "the mist".
  21. great flicks to start a thread with. i'm sure this will last.
  22. Re: NYC Subways - the good stuff for the love of god please start an old school throwups thread......
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