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  1. jesus. i just heard about this. i met dude a few times at the bridgeport wall and he was always super super nice. i really hate hearing about nice people i know passing. this sucks. RIP.
  2. then you've been going to some shitty taco spots. i love taco bell. but since the taco truck up the block is so fucking fantastic, the thought of choosing the bootleg-ass cantina tacos from taco bell makes me feel a little ashamed.
  3. i'm prescribed mood stabilizers and benzos for bipolar/anxiety issues. i have pretty bad panic attacks at least every other day. i tend to rapidly cycle and alternate between manic/depressive episodes. for the past few days i've been fairly manic. the "crash" is always inevitable. i get a huge kick out of people who think that psychiatric issues are not "real" and that it's as simple as "just getting over it". the chemical imbalance inside of my skull is just as real as your diabetes (or whatever...). whenever someone tells me that i should "just stop thinking about it", i want to punch them in the throat so so so badly.
  4. said it before, but: ex-girlfriend. i also hate "robot chicken".
  5. my mood stabilizers gave me crippling insomnia.... the only way i can sleep is if i eat tons of sleeping pills, or drink a bottle of nyquil, or get shithammered drunk.... but if i take enough of any of the aforementioned things to make me go to sleep, i'll end up sleeping through the entire next day. kind of a really shitty double edged sword. trazadone seemed to help when i was confined to a psych ward for a week, but my doctor said he doesn't want to put me on it. sooooooo, it looks like i'll just continue to rely on a combination of alcohol and sleeping pills to do the job. fanfuckingtastic.
  6. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... 1) ex-girlfriend. 2) painting over the bar. 3) weak drinks. 4) bad weed. thankfully, i'll be fleeing the country (for good) within the next couple of months. that should solve at least two or three of those "problems".
  7. nah. i've been on here for almost ten years now. i think i'll stay right where i am, thanks. for that matter, when did i say anything about being a "responsible contributing member"? i merely pointed out that it's hypocritical to ban a person for "porn", here and there (seemingly at random), while i can go into channel zero and the first page has almost a dozen threads that are chock full of what would be considered "porn": -an "appreciation thread" for girls of every race. -"myspace ho's". -pics of hot girls. -etc. it's either hypocrisy, favoritism, or laziness. perhaps some combination of all three. personally, i'm not even hating on those threads, or anyone who posts porn. i don't really give a shit. when i was working in an "office environment", i knew better than to open those threads while on the job. all i'm saying is that the argument "the mods can't be everywhere at once" doesnt hold any weight in regards to that sort of thing.
  8. ......how many threads (on page one alone) contain images that would, in reality, be considered "pornographic"? the hypocrisy of this sites "administration" is nothing new.
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wardenclyffe_Tower "It is not a dream, it is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering, only expensive — blind, faint-hearted, doubting world! [...] Humanity is not yet sufficiently advanced to be willingly led by the discoverer's keen searching sense. But who knows? Perhaps it is better in this present world of ours that a revolutionary idea or invention instead of being helped and patted, be hampered and ill-treated in its adolescence — by want of means, by selfish interest, pedantry, stupidity and ignorance; that it be attacked and stifled; that it pass through bitter trials and tribulations, through the strife of commercial existence. So do we get our light. So all that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle." – Nikola Tesla Tesla > Crackpots. Read into it.
  10. Agreed! I just killed a half hour reading this and laughing hysterically.
  11. i like the cut of your jib. nh. no, really though.... the sooner that you learn that (deep down) all girls are vultures who will sell anything (typically themselves) to get ahead (taking a dick in any orifice is no problem), the better off you'll be. women are trash and, therefore, deserve to be treated as such. shit, i won't get into any *specifics* (per se....) but most of the hipster girls that i've fucked have: 1) either come from money, or have parents pay all the bills. 2) hate themselves because they realize that they're already failed 'writers/novelists' without ever having written anything. mostly, they're content to coast through life in this manner so long as you buy them vodka drinks and (maybe) give them pills. 3) since these girls really do hate themselves, deep down, they love being straight up abused during sex. again, i won't go into depth here, but some of the shit that was said and happened is still amusing to me now. as mr. knight said, you need to be handsome. i don't get why most of you guys try to get numbers? i don't think i've done that shit once in my life. things just fall into place for me and that's fine. i don't want to talk to most people, let alone most girls, let alone most girls who MIGHT want to fuck (or date) me. cool, now i can think about how many other dicks have been in your holes. no thanks. you can buy me a drink though. you won't get anywhere, but thanks just the same, dear.
  12. the girl finally left me(for a second time....). she was the only one that i could have seen myself spending my life with. but.... i've done too much to her. too many horrible things. she did her share of bad things, too. but, this time, i had really fucked up. i know that she's not ever going to come back or give me another chance (i'm in theraphy, on psychiatric meds), and i just want tbe better towards her. but, no homo, i'm completley heartbroken. she's having a great time out there partying and hooking up with random people (the latest dude she's seeing is married with kids). i congratulated her on her daddy issues coming full circle. we haven't spoken since.
  13. co-sign dogs being awesome. theres a huge pitbull sitting next to me right now. he's my homie for life. i also ate a few vic's. so i feel pretty numb. that's good too. and, yeah, don't check her facebook and shit. i blocked her on all internet venues and deleted her number. she's fucking some married dude with kids now. good for her. that fact alone instills enough disgust in me so that i don't want to contact her. really though, try not to think of the "good times". focus on everything you disliked about her and let your sadness turn to hatred. as for fucking other birds, i'm so disgusted with women in general that i don't even want to try to. the option is always there. but.... i'm painting way more these days and being productive with doing other "work". this is all on top of attending therapy on a regular basis and being on several psychiatric meds (on top of this bullshit, i'm diagnosed as being manic depressive and suffering from anxiety/panic attacks). talk therapy has been a god-send as of late. just try to channel all of your energy and sadness into other things.
  14. i might mouthfuck this girl before/after throwing her shitty fixed gear conversion into a lake. nah, but for real.... i've been taking a "break" from sex. it's been about two months. i'm kind of impressed with myself, considering that up until this point, the longest i'd gone without sex in the past 7 years was about two weeks. it's pretty nuts. i spent the first month feeling like i was withdrawing from drugs. now (for the time being, at least) i don't even care. on the plus side, my painting and other activities have gone up by 1000%. i'm also going to quit smoking and reward myself with a new bike, since i spent the last few days thinking about how the last time i felt this way was when i was 18 and didn't give a shit about anything but graffiti an bikes. things were much simpler then. plus, i'm handsome, so i can go back to getting laid whenever i want.
  15. i already own the dvd. no thanks. i'll save my money.
  16. the answer to all three of these would be "my ex girlfriend". actually, i don't want to fuck her or marry her since she's a whore. and i don't really want to kill her.... i just want her to cease to exist.
  17. i'm too much of an asshole for anyone to even attempt to approach me. especially fat girls.
  18. Sorry, but I have to ask... are you kids certifiably delusional? I don't even know what that's supposed to say (nor do i really want to know, for that matter). It boggles the mind as to how MOST of the kids who write in the city (and outside of NY...) can really think that they're doing anything that remotely resembles "good" graffiti. How do you do that? I'm curious. I don't even like 99% of what I do, but I also know that I'm not that bad (being "not that bad" isn't much of an accomplishment... though the state of graffiti in NY would lead one to believe otherwise). How do you come home from painting and feel like you did anything good? Should I be taking more drugs? Will that help? Actually, no. Even if I was completely inebriated, I seriously doubt that I'd feel good about my graffiti if I was doing some shit like that over large BURNERS. Do any of you realize how fucking insane you are? Do any of you actually WANT to get "good" at writing stupid nicknames on walls?
  19. ces was doing pieces in the mid to late 90's that STILL hang with the stuff produced by anyone else on that roster. come to think of it, he's the only person on there that i'm really interested in seeing new stuff from.
  20. i think that picture (the one at the beginning of the thread....) was in an old issue of LifeSucksDie.
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