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  1. see if a big girl,or moderately thick mammi has CANKLES it means shes going to be massive,and loose the thick,or curvy thing shes got going on.......always gotta watch out of the that.

  2. I had a gnarly wal mart what the fuck a few weeks ago just out side of Seattle. 4 am and needed food, deodorant and some paint.I stroll in to see the two ugliest humans I've ever seen rolling out,I make a wise ass remark to the normal looking greater.....he then informs me that Jim and his wife are good people and close personal friends.......I said something about him joking, he was not.


    The kid that checked me out had the worst over bite and acne I've ever seen in public.


    He had to call his manager down to get help



    She was out of breath from walking 3 cash's over and looked like dudes mom.





    I got the fuck out of there with the quickness as I felt like they were circling the wagons

  3. awesome prank, and that dude got assed out for being a fucking pig and not looking at the seat.



    although if it was the clear super glue and you looked,but didn't wipe the shit down, or make a ass gasket you wouldn't know.Maybe he was in a a hurry to go and rushed on in too right?

  4. So my dude tells me about this chick that was in a milf hunter video that comes into his work.



    I dont believe him




    He links me the video and it starts out at the transit station we used in the burbs.




    Tells his coworkers.........one dude rolls up to her and says "i loved your movie"....she smacks him and storms out.


    She drives the most annoying car that is easily spotted ANY WHERE, a pt cruiser with custom decals....like a milf porn chick would drive anything else.

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