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  1. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    no my friend, he walks very quickly,and like a bull....straight ahead sweating and not looking up.



    As stated before



    I've had reports of him talking to himself when he is upset and in rare form while walking down the street!

  2. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law





    So wedding goes off with out a hitch.....Frank is being surprisingly cool,came to see me at the venue and shook my hand and talked a few mins....hes cracking jokes etc and its really cool!



    So it's photo time


    We found this old building to use,


    Wedding party is doing there thing and the photographer is talking about using this huge field as a back drop.


    We go and pose and as this is jumping off I notice a weird frank acting more weird then normal....he walks off.......but were in this shitty area thats vacant.....He sees us posing and is fully walking in the frame but hes so far off that hes in the photos no matter where he tries to run too......he then simply takes a piss.


    Photographer is like "why is that fucking sasquatch in these shoots"



    he showed me some of them and he looks like that infamous bigfoot photo.



    He later got into some petty argument on the party bus with a flower girl,he got so worked up he had a panic attack and dipped but not after shaking my hand with his sweaty meat wad of a hand while telling me a party is "not his scene"

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  3. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    Brew: we had to find something for him to do because he was upset over not being in the wedding party.......hes walking his mom down the isle,with his dad.......Were hoping he'd bring a hooker as a date.



    I will never eat or drink anything Franks been near........go back and read up about him making tang and stirring it with his hand.

  4. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    Frank does cook yes.......



    He only cooks hamburgers and hot dogs



    on the foreman,but he refuses to empty the grease catch





    he will let it over flow until his moms yells at hom over it.

  5. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    So Frank is freakishly strong, TARD STRENGTH, and he used to go ape shit at the other normal brother, until he learned that the younger bro is a fucking black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu and some other shit.....the kids tiny but is a trained killing machine.


    The younger bro being a rad dude wont totally fuck Frank up, he puts him in holds or just blocks his swings..........so one time many years ago my In-laws go on a trip. Frank calls my girl and I saying lil bros having a bender etc etc.......were like "SWEET,WHY WERENT WE INVITED".....Frank tells us hes going to call the cops.


    We show up and it's 5 dudes in a basement playing video games having some beers, keep in mind they are all 20 or so.......Lil brother wants to know why we showed up so quickly in a panic.


    I tell him and a small argument ensues.........words turn to shoves and the gloves are off.


    Franks tossing haymakers


    lil bros blocking them and then goes offffffffffffff


    starts open handed slapping Frank,whos sans shirt as per but is also in boxers.....as per, and it sounds like someone is slapping a side of beef.


    I'm laughing so hard I can't break it up and my girls yelling at me to get them to stop


    Finally i get lil bro off,he was in some fucked up leg lock choking bitch slapping move........Frank throws on some clothes and dips.


    Lil brother is laughing and tells me "that right there is why we call him fat head,slapping him is like slapping a waterbed...you should try it some time"



    I also watched Frank rush lil bro almost like a Curly from the three stooges,head down animal attack,he flipped his fat ass over his shoulder and damn near killed him.......the old man and I broke it up but I seriously thought he was going to piss himself laughing.

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  6. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    Alright just heard this recently........



    Frank broke the toilet







    By dropping such a mother load they had to use a knife to cut it up to go down, he was so "ashamed" he refused to do anything.....the normal brother had to do it.He said he was gagging and almost cried.......the dad was yelling "hey fat ass you ate all this,come clean it up" obviously in pork chop!

  7. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    Frank saves that kind of formal attire for the classiest of events....such as funerals!




    So we had some serious family sit downs, our wedding is coming up....lots of lame family shit. the most recent was about money....so it's my girl,her mom and dad and myself sitting in there nice living room, you all know the one fancy 1960's euro furnishings covered in plastic!......This was a pretty private matter, I hate talking about money with people no matter what! So were shooting the shit and in walks fat ass,cat under one arm,bag of chips under the other and PINT GLASS of Crush.


    Sits down,turns on the tv cranks it up and starts laughing at like Law and Order.........and tossing out ideas about how we should spend this cash.......One idea was to "infest in stock markets"



    I'm like frozen in rage, my girls holding my arm and no one is saying a word.....sitting in silence for what seems like a life time, until her dad BLOWS THE FUCK UP...........Now I do not speak his mother tongue but whatever he said had Lard ass out the door and my girl cracking up.....she still wont repeat what her dad said. I want to know so badddddly

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