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  1. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    I am NOT Portuguese, he's alright around me just a complete sack of shit like he would be around anyone else.At first he was fucking weird..........go back and read about me catching him watching me sleep.




    I caught him recently and called him out on it by telling him to go fuck himself.....he hasn't really talked to me to much since

  2. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    Wow I'm stunned this disabled guy's sister is letting a shitbag such as yourself into her family frateraper. You seem like you would have a borderline mentally handicapped IQ yourself so I wouldn't throw stones in a glass house champ.


    This dude must know me.....:)

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  3. I'll out my retarded brother inlaw on here,but I'm not outting my self...







    This is as I was leaving the ER and before it swelled up and crusted over.5 on the outside 10 on the inside.5 per nostril,those were dissolvable sutures.Both nostrils crusted over with blood etc shit sucked.I sneezed out a clot last night and felt great




    It was a brand new blade and a super clean cut.I was lucky.




    match the angle of my beak to the glasses.Very lucky



    I will never lift my face mask again while cutting

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  4. Tony- my girl worked as ECE teacher for a bit back when....I guess this one kid stuck some mulch from a flower bed up his nose.....and you could smell it when was close by.......They had to remove it and put lil guy on some antibiotic drip bag for like a week his nose was so infected.

  5. I recently had small accident and had to get my nose stitched up,some inside my nostril and few outside. It's fucking terrible. ALLL I CAN SMELL IS DRIED BLOOD,makes my stomach sick,makes food taste bad......gotta watch how I put a shirt on,even brushing my teeth and shaving is a pain in the ass....cant get my face wet.FUCK THIS

  6. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    Alright....soo Grandpas dying and needs to take his meds and keep his weight up. Homie wont take the meds unless we hide them in Ice cream...which also gives him some calories .


    Were all at his bed side and making a list of what we need to get/do as a family.......Frank is shirtless eating the last bit of grandpas Ice cream,wicked dick move and no one will say anything to him about the 4 gallon tub of cheapo shit ice cream were buying every 3 days because of his gorging as no one wants to set tard bag off into a tantrum because we can't deal with him.


    So I'm in charge of buying some food related things for the family and grandpa,I'm rushing out the door going over the list out loud to an Aunt, just to make sure were all on the same page.


    Raper- coffee,whatever and whatever....AND VANILLA ICE CREAM.......

    Aunt- Yea make sure it's Vanilla, he wont eat any other kind.......


    FRANK OUT OF NO WHERE with some weird authoritative tone screams "ya know what?this time make it popsicles......ya popsicles"


    We all stop what were doing and stare at him for a few seconds,he gets nervous some times and puts his hands down the back of his boxers and scratches his ass with the top of his hands, so hes scratching his ass at like 90 mph and says "make it popsicles" and runs off



    So whenever someone randomly blurts out retarded shit to my girl, her aunt or I we always say "make it popsicles" and laugh!

  7. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    I cant remember if I talked about him going to see 3 different shrinks, to each shrink hes created an alternate life/Frank........It's honestly fucking amazing.


    Life one- Frank is the rock that holds his family together,his sister,my soon to be wife, is a raging party girl that screws dudes so loudly at night he cant sleep.His dads a drunk that beats everyone and he pays the bills cause his little brother wont work.


    Life two- Frank is locked to his room and his money taken from his over bearing mother and we all spend it........his family is ruining is friendships and life so to they can keep him and his money at home......


    Life three- Franks an out of control womanizing party boy that works so much he needs this party life as a way to relax.




    I'm pretty sure this has fallen apart as the shrinks have crossed paths and debunked all of this.....BECAUSE NONE OF THIS IS TRUE.....


    His sister is a saint and been my whiz for 8 years,his brother is a work horse that flips houses,his dads a savage workaholic that is diabetic and can't drink and Franky boy works four days a week as a janitor.



    When the paper work from his Doc was passed along to us so we could explain it to her parents we were DYING!

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  8. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    So my wedding shower is jumping off, in the Portuguese culture it's a big shindig,male an female party gifts etc.



    My lady and I man the door and thank everyone for coming and hand out gifts back. I turn to her and ask if she thinks Franks coming....she is quick to spit "I fucking hope not,like how much stress does my mother need".....


    Like as the words exit her mouth I hear a thundering sound of a fat retarded man running up a flight of steps.......FRANKKKKKK appears at the door,sweaty as fuck looking more out of it then normal. For this semi formal/casual event he has dawned his finest sleeveless green 3 xl shirt,black skin tight jeans tucked in to his socks and his trusty hip sack around his chest circa 1991 gangster, a beard of 4-5 days over his multiple chins.....




    he's carrying an envelope!!!! what the fuck he brought us a gift?


    We stand there waiting to greet him when he quickly pushes past us.....his mother stops him and sends him back....


    My whiz is the best she "frank thanks for coming,oh you didn't have to get us anything" as she motions to the bright blue envelope.....


    FRANK"i didn't this is uncle so and sos belated birthday gift"..........


    Whiz"ooooohhhkaeee,enjoy the party"


    I'm laughing like just dying,when he runs off like a 4 year old in to the crowd of people.


    Not that funny right?I get it......buuuuuuuuutttttttttt We find out from her normal brother why he didn't get us anything,and why he was 2 hours late and wouldn't take part in his sisters wedding.



    In preparation for our party we bought a few things and stocked them in her parents house, pop,chips some beer etc.....ALL OF WHICH WENT FUCKING MISSING,well minus the beer. We then found out Frank had been gorging on the food and shit we bought......so we replaced it,this time hiding it in the garage......THE FAT MOTHER FUCKER FOUND IT.


    So her normal brother and I built a drop wall with shelves so we could stock our food there and so Ma dukes could in fact buy things in bulk again with out Frank eating all of it.


    So the night before the Shower my father inlaw,some uncles and my brother inlaw roll in to the house to get some shit to take to the hall....they find Frank coming in the back door with two one bottles of pop and two bags of chips,these are full size people, so my father inlaw freakkkkks out yelling at the fat fuck to not only put the stuff back BUT TO PUT SOME CLOTHES ON.


    That fuck fuck ate/drank 140 dollars worth of chips and pop not once but twice....280 FUCKING DOLLARS! and some how translates this into not getting us shit or taking part in his only sisters wedding......LIKE HOW CAN HE DENY US THE COMEDY

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