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  1. I'm game


    Guys!!!! I'm playing a shitty joke on my friend who is currently holding auditions for some graff girl thing.....I need a set of clothed, then semi nude flicks of a fucking beast. I'm not home and would lurk myself but I really need some 12 oz help on screwing with my boy.



    I will post all emails for the lolz

  2. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    So remember "stop fucking my daddy"???? Well the guy that started that was in town for a birthday party this weekend. We all sit down to eat and Frank is nowhere to be found............


    I see him lurking in the shadows by the front door when BAM the sweatiest I've seen frank in all his glory of boxer shorts appears.


    He reused to eat with us as the guy that was fucking his daddy was there.


    Out of no where my girl blurts out, "really though its for the best, eating around frank is terrible" to which everyone agreed and shared a Frank story.






    So daddy fucker and his chick are hanging out for a bit, were in the living room and we can hear Frank pacing around. He thunders down the stairs dressed up to go........his mom starts questioning him and he begins to tell us about his plans to "watch the game with his buddies at this guys house" his eye was even twitching maybe he got sweat in it, I dunno.


    he dips



    Next day I meet some other family members for a brunch thing.......and the one kids talking about WWE and how Frank went to see it at a theatre by himself last night.Normal brother and I placed bets on what he was really doing........normal bro won:( I said wondering around talking to himself again.




    oh I told you people this right? I've been told from dudes on the block that when Franks upset he paces around fully talking to himself, dudes have even told me about the radical shit he was saying.

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  3. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    Ok I've been saving the shit out of this story.


    We noticed Franks phone ringing an awful lot for about 3 weeks, lots of secret phone calls, hiding in dark rooms etc.


    Frank used to cause alot of drama by calling his aunt in another city and talking mad shit about everyone, then she'd call and all this lame drama would jump off. This all stopped after he threatened her son in law and daughter, remember "stop fucking my daddy"



    So a few weeks of really odd Frank. He even started smoking, and SOME DATESSSSSS????? We didnt believe it either.





    OH SHIT did Frank kill another little girl? did he get fired for sexual harassment? whats up? My girl would try talking to her mom and she would be bugging out saying nothings going on....................we knew something was up she was in his room, he was crying and she was crying WTF? this went on for a week or two.


    The awesomeness that is Frank came thundering down like Frank running down the stairs my sons!



    He got hooked on calling party lines, he made some friends....went on some dates, possibly even lost his v card.


    I was shocked, and stoked until I found out that this lucky girl was a hooker, well more of a group of them that were exploiting Frank and sucked up his savings account in less then a month.He couldn't pay his whooping 3000 cell phone bill......keep in mind his only expenses are pizza,porno and coffee and he's had a job since he was 14.



    In true portuguese fashion his fam tried sugar coating this, saying it was massages, and phone sex and they ripped him off.Little by little the truth came out.


    My theory is that it was one really smart hooker from an AD or he started fucking them them crack heads at the end of the block and had a whole bunch of em....either way grooossssss

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