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  1. My friends hot roommate is always staying in her room and being a shut in...she is normally really fun and funny, works in a old record store etc...nice bitch at times



    I've known her for a few months and thought we might be on the level of rape joke humour?






    Few people were about to eat dinner together and she came home as were sitting down...."I'm like yo come eat!" Shes like "naw son, paused a CSI and would rather watch a shitty murder plot"....before it even registered i was like "or shitty rape scenario?"..........stone faced not even a smile she walks away.....my friend and i are laughing at how awkward that just was as she walks by again........stone faced......



    Pretty sure she hates me

  2. this nigga drunk.


    this nigga like to be smacked around by his girl when he fuck and im about 2 clues away from callin ball gag in his mouth. googoo ga ga son youz a trampled assed nigga so lost in this world only thing that makes you feel whole is tears. soft assed man ho like you cant even get full off food you need to look for abuse to feed yourself.


    Make some sense, senile daygo mother scratcher.....

  3. Hey dudes


    I'm not around to much anymore, I lurk but hardly post......I know you dudes enjoy being dickheads and fucking with people from time to time........so heres a chance to have some fun and get over on an asshole while helpin the ol'frate guy out.



    This sales rep for saw blades was calling and calling and callllling my office, he turned aggressive and rude when I told him I was not not interested in his products.....he's now calling my office saying some hilarious but extremely offensive shit to our staff,and even dear ol'mama raper when she was working here the other day....dudes in Alberta and theres not alot I can do get him back.......


    Chris Thomas 403 774 1413.......give him a call, he LOVES homophobic remarks and enjoys harassing our female office staff.....call him up talk to him remind him of his failed dreams and goals.



    I was fending a coffee and went to Time Hortons, our version of Dunken, and the chick at the drive through was a raging CUNT!!!


    So the night before I had eaten a huge bag of popcorn and was gassy as fuck.



    I timed my fart just right that as I rolled down my window to hand her my money I actually waved my freshly expelled gas at the Cunt serving my coffees face.........the look on her face was priceless, it was as if her shitty day caught her half standing!



    I laughed so hard that i couldn't drive and had to sit in the parking lot until i was done.

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  5. I was christmas shopping this weekend and was getting super pissed off.........so while asking a lady for help for some necklace shit I lost it.



    After not understanding I need the chain to be 24in, I changed my game up.



    I told her that it needed to be the width of my finger to support my mothers medallion, she got snotty and and wanted to know what kind of medallion it was.....when i told her it was a hand holding a mic she'd won in a rap battle, the teenaged girl working with her burst out laughing and I was asked to leave.

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  6. Sup faggots




    So heres a quick Frank story!




    Hes parents are doing a massive reno on their home right now. My normal brother in law is a contractor/home builder. Hes doing the work, when I have time I help.


    Frank lives at home, STILL.....for FREE...STILLLL.


    Few weeks back it's time to remove the floor of the basement.....we jack hammer up the floor,put it in buckets and carry it outside to my dump truck.




    He noticed his dad pull up scrambles like a wounded elephant to get down stairs to find us finished........WERE FUCKING PISSSSSSED!



    His brother-"oh wow frank glad you could join us"


    Frank-"oh welll I thought i'd be in the way"


    Brother-"get out of my sight you shirtless sack of shit"


    Frank dips


    I'm dying laughing and expecting a fist fight.......BUT FRANK DOES ONE BETTER


    He finds the old man outside checking out the truck and proceeds to tell him that hes sick of having to do everything in the basement and that it's not fair that he has to reno the house on his spare time.




    His dad is flooooored, and is looking at us covered in concrete next to a dump truck filled with rubble, when drops this gem!!!


    Dad-"Frank go inside and put a shirt on you useless sack of shit, you dont even know how to wear clothes let alone reno my fucking house"


    but he said this with arms and hands flying all over in portuguese


    Frank dipped again and I havent heard the end of it from my brother-in-law.

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  7. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law






    So I touched on a story once about Frank and the phone sex lines......and some how blowing 10 g's on said phone sex lines and possible hooker(s).....I say hookers in plural because he either had a bunch of them, or one real smart one that hustled his ass.


    He ran through 10 grand in like a few months of acting sketchy and being even creepier then normal, like people were calling his phone, seriously NO ONE calls this dude and he was going out all the time......we were all happy for him like maybe he had some homies or something.


    THEN We found out it was phone sex and hooker(s).



    His mom took his bank card put him on a leash and he saved up a shit load of cash in less then a year.







    We've been placing bets on what it really is. get in on it

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