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  1. So I've had mild cases,or a touch of before. Until this weekend.......I started to feel dizzy and bloated.I had been in the sun all day,an at a bbq and wasn't stressing cause my dude was in town and were out catching wreck.


    4 am and I walk into the house and alllllll hell breaks loose. I've only puked once in 11 or 12 years, so I started puking my guts out and shitting, from 4am until 11 last night I was on defcon 4.My fever was over 100 and I couldn't even move unless it was time for some toilet action.





    Shitty thing is,I might have picked this up from drinking from a garden hose........I've heard horror stories about it and refuse to drink from out door taps or hoses.I had a homie get ecoli and almost die from it.





    Share your fp stories

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  2. I dont like the guys,hes sorta annoying....his record collection must be insane!


    I was told that he is a fucking bruiser and can knuckle up when he has too.My boys played a show with him and he totally got treated like shit but knocked around some jocks pretty hard.This is only one of the stories I've heard about him fighting

  3. Im interested in seeing if this was done with real permission.



    And if you are new to 12oz or have just forgot about some of the debates Mero money and I have had in which he'd make Fugazi references etc about my opinions about terrible hat rack nigga hip hop,is why I posted this.

  4. Hello


    My name is Frate Raper and I am a terrible adult.





    On the weekend I went to my fav lay up.Had make a brown baby before I started painting...went to local coffee shop and ran in, mens washroom was locked and I HAD TO GO.


    I went into the chicks shitter to make a mess of all that is holly and safe about public shitters.


    As I'm doing my do I can hear some broads outside waiting in line but talking shit....I guess girls like to be rude to each other when there is a line up?


    SOOOOOOOOOO the can is killed and smells worse then Kristy Alleys belly button and I swing open the door to the two fucking cunts waiting, the look of horror on there faces was amazing.......so I said "enjoy that" and skipped away feeling 10 p's lighter:)

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