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  1. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    Frank makes alot of rad shit up......he doesn't have a single friend. It's sad but hes a fucking knob and brings it upon himself.


    He made up this girl he was "dating" at this sandwich shop on the block....he asked his normal brother to help him out on some dl woman getting shit. Normal bro rolls to shop with him to get a coffee and a snack.


    Frank sat at the table smashed back 4 BOTTLES of coke and ran out when the chick tried talking to him............



    Notmal brother said the chick came over to ask him to pay his bill for the last time he ran out, and asked him if he was retarded because he sits their starring at her sweating, and that her dad doesn't want him around he's freaking everyone out!


    I still hit that deli on the reg and totally eye bang home girl

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  2. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    Frank almost lost his job at a high end department store once........a woman shopping was so grossed out by him starring at her ass and sweating profusely she told the manager. She threatened sexual harassment charges because this wasn't the first time it had happened.


    It also wasn't the first chick to bitch.



    He was freaking out because some told him he could go to jail and for like 2 weeks many laughs ere had at his expense.

  3. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    El ver....I'd fuck up your boy over that shit.....picking on tards isn't cool......but laughing about the tardness when they aren't around is.






    If I posted all the terrible shit this guy has done over the years you'd catch a flight to ice him for me......he is A TERRIBLE HUMAN.

  4. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    I'm not worried about my old ladies gene pool, as everyone from the Azores is inbreed, wheres johnny at he can back this up. He's the only tard in the massive family. Hes more socially retarded then anything, like hes a fucking muppet no doubt but everyone thought he was shy for 27 years.....his fam just admit that hes not all there!







    Frank threatened to kill himself right......and ran out of the house. Being Down town Toronto we all got a little worried, his mom was a mess........she knew where he was though................................................................................................



    THE WALKING PATH BEHIND THEIR HOUSE HAS A BRIDGE, IT'S LIKE A 9 FOOT DROP! She goes back to get him and he's pacing back in forth talking to himself trying work up the never to do it. He sees shes coming and starts to go for it.


    She screams something in retarded italian and the normal brother screams......"OH FUCK LET HIM DO IT MA, AT WORST HE'LL SKIN HIS KNEE"

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  5. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law






    I have so many Frank stories that I don't even know where to begin.......


    do any of you know how hard it is to fall asleep with a 33 year old obese semi retarded man singing the Backstreet boys to his cat?

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  6. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    quick one for lolz.........



    he speaks pure immigrant portuguese english, high pitched tard talk.It's cold out...as per homies in boxers.Were having a family meal and roles in to the kitchen an screams "oh it's so cold in here Frate, NO?"



    "No Frank it's not, but the again I'm wearing clothes"



    he chuckles awkwardly



    only to return moments later pissed off to inform us hes not eating where hes not wanted

  7. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    So grandma dies.....were all sad. We as the the six grand kids are asked to carry the casket.


    So were sitting in the front of the church while the priest is saying his thing, in fucking portuguese, and their are these huge vases of flowers leading up the stairs to the stage with god mang on it.........one of them just falls over on to its side. Her normie brother looks at me like "should we pick this up?".



    THE PLACE IS PACKKKED like 300 people in this amazing old church.


    With ninja like speed Frank is up there in a flash looking at how to pick the vase up..........normal humans would just stand it back up its on its side nothing leaking out.


    Its getting awkward,dudes up there for a few mins while jesus mang is talking his shit......


    An aunt is like loud whispering at him and shoeing him like a cat hes getting nearvous.........



    DOES HE NOT pick the whole thing up upside fucking down dumping all the flowers and about 3 gallons of water al over the church....looks at the church standing there with the vase in his hand for what seemed like an eternity!


    Her normal brother and i were were doing the whole "oh,oh,oh OHHHHHH" then start dying, but holding it in.....I guess we did a great job as everyone thought i was hugging him to comfort him, not hold in our laughter.



    So now its time to cart g-ma out.......Frank has "tard strength" but rarely use is it....I get stuck with his sobbing sister,and him on my side. So we start....and after a few feet I notice hes not really carrying shit.


    Get to the steps and his sister is a fucking mess


    Retard isnt helping


    I'm fucking DYING,in a suit sweating like the priest on teen drop in night to the point I was almost screaming like a roid monkey!When we almost drop the ol gal loading her into the hurst........i actually had to take a knee and was seeing stars.......the pork chop community thought I was just sad not on the verge of death.


    This ones funny grandpa's got me so mad i almost started a fight.

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  8. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    he's 33 never had a woman......he refuses to wear clothes, mostly he rocks boxers, sometimes when people are over at the house he wears sleeveless shirts....he often gets semi's(erections) around people............once at this family bbq her brother got wasted and pointed out that his nipples are super close together......we paid a younger kid in the fam to call him out on it..........he's been wearing more shirts since then.



    if my chick sees this i'm dead....tomorrow i'm going to fuck you dudes up with some awesome funeral/death stories

  9. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    he says "more worser"...on the regular.



    Any one hating on me needs to know some of the stories.



    I've had this moron screaming "YUMMY YUMMY MONSTER" at the cat 3 feet from my head at 4 am. I've had this fucking moron watch me sleep, i've had to listen to him beat off while farting and burping overtly loud...........


    Worst of all when his rents die I'm going to get stuck with this sack of retarded shit living with me.

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  10. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    One time at a wedding her whole family was at a table and her dad offered me his steak, I wasn't into it but fat ass retard jumped at it......as a joke I said "frank,you like eating your dads HOT BEEF"....he didn't get it and said "I love heating my dads hot beef" were all laughing and I asked him "so frank how often to eat your dads hot beef"....dude says "oh I eat my dads hot beef when ever I get the chance" now her normal brother,and his chick are crying laughing her parents can't speak english nor can her grandparents but they see us laughing and having fun and are all smiles laughing along.....he clues in "screams i think i'm the blunt of a joke" and runs off............




    NOW this was a wedding right.....dude had a on button down with fire and dragons on it......and his nicest track pants and velcro shoes.

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  11. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    shes awesome,normal attractive......she just has a retarded oaf for a bro.....dude we tell him all the time. Her normal brother is still at the crib and keeps his dumb ass in line.




    Hes actually a super shitty person, hes smart enough to use his tard to be manipulative and rude and fucking mean.

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