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  1. We all understand the importance of the boys in blue. What I dont understand is how they get away with treating people like shit and acting like self important faggots when they all started out to make a difference.



    I had some really close friends that are now cops,and one becoming a cop....I wrote them off.After basic training they become COMPLETE douche bags,like the difference in personality is soooooo there its almost sad.


    I dont know if its the rush of being through basic or the fact they are the law but fuck it.97% of cops are faggots the rest are tolerable but dont trust em.

  2. This guy was killed trying to stop a crazy dude that stole a snow plow and went on a rampage with it,during a snow storm(let the canadian jokes flow boys). I got some love for the dude, he was trying to stop some fucker that took another mans lively hood and stop the nut from hurting people, he was ramming cars etc.

  3. weap on xmas eve the clutch pack in my cvt tranny went.......on my a4.Dealer wanted 7 FUCKING G'S to replace the tranny,or 3g's to fix it.I took it to my tunner shop they did it for 1500.



    I'm sure the honda parts are alot cheaper so that it in stride

  4. /Must spread



    Was pretty cool. Those guys got a lot of work to do! Sick though -too bad she's not around to see the appreciation, even though she probably wouldn't want it anyway..





    I always have had a thing for ol tyme chi town photos. I really want to see what they can do with it.I think I like it more because she wouldn't want the hype. It's like a true hobbyist just spending her day off repping the fuck out of that city.

  5. they're playin ontario this week end. i'm gonna miss that too which is a fuckin bummer. it only gets worse from here.


    that tear it up show is in march soooo take work off bruuuuhhhh




    Oh I know.....bunch of a us going to go set off fireworks and act like shit bags.Sucks you'll miss it mang

  6. I didn't rack anything until i was in the 6th grade. Fire works from the dollar store int his ghetto mall.





    Then I started to do graffiti and honed in my racking skills.



    Last year was the first year of my life that i didn't push a cart. I painted less but thats not the point. I racked pens and other art supplies but fuck it.....I'm trying not to steal things.

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