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  1. @misteraven- my Mom has the heat photos from the 70s and a few from the 80s, but unfortunately I have nothing to speak of that is a photo of myself as a teen. I know some old friends have some photos but I haven't seen or talked to any of them in twenty years or more. I'll have to dig through what I have and see if anything will qualify. But just so I'm sharing something... here's one from 1992 when I worked as the in-store artist at Tower Records in Dublin, CA.
  2. @Schnitzel- yep, that is me. Judging from the looks of the magazine layout/style - I think that is City Slicker, correct? So the story with that is I had recently moved to the Bay Area after a very short stint in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had met a few writers in the Bay but most notably was Raevyn of TWS crew. His style was wild as hell, I’d seen nothing like it, but I wanted every part of it. I was still in touch with Mesk from the DC area and he was really putting in a lot of work, but his outlines at the time were this cool mix of traditional Graffiti and HR Giger. So between the two writers I was constantly inspired to come up with something that was my own. So I went super-wild, mean, and poke your eye out sharp. I only drew/painted a handful of pieces in this style as it turned out to be really time consuming, but the effort put in was well worth it. It was one of many stepping stones that led me to being the writer I am, or rather became. You’ll notice that under my tag it says Esoterics... this was the precursor to Transcend. At the time it was just me and Mesk. Once I had met Carl123 from Manchester, England the three of us started Transcend, and shortly after put in SheOne, Req, Persue, Poesia, and a few others - some of whom were gallery artists, not writers. About five years later guys like Mune, Kema, Ouija, OTwo, and a photographer named Anna Antik were added. In the last ten years folks like Augustine Kofie and Duncan Jago have been added due to their unique styles and pushing the genre in new directions. Guys like Poesia were key in Transcend’s survival and continued presence as a leader in abstract Graffiti, especially after half of the group had retired. When he started Graffuturism things just skyrocketed from there. It’s good to see a lot of those folks still producing inspirational and original work that continues the ethos of Transcend, which has always been about pushing yourself. You’ll also notice the little character to the left of the Ryze piece - that’s by Felon IHU. He hasn’t done characters like that in years. Thanks for sharing the memories!
  3. I loved the Boy with the Red Balloon... but it’s from the 50s, not 80s-90s.
  4. @glorydays- do people see the police as military because that's all the media shows? Because that's all people who spend half their day sifting through social media see? Because scared citizens who use Nextdoor as their news source are only reading third hand stories by their concerned "woke" neighbor? I won't argue that police in major cities are armed to the teeth for something that may happen, but having so few police that only one squad car controls an 80 block square that has several gangs within in it seems like bullshit, to me. That's allowing criminals to run the neighborhoods, which is exactly what's happening. I won't even get into the homeless situation that has led to some of them turning to crime to survive, and it's been allowed to run out of control with no consequences.
  5. Speaking to a sea of old white people in a rural area, of course her mostly conservative ideas are going to resonate. Yes, I live in a very liberal city, and it's always been that way... well, for as far back as I've dug into its history. That said, I really feel like it's deep dive into the current climate we (my city) live in has been forming in the last ten to fifteen years. When I first moved here ('94) the city was liberal but not far leaning like it is now. There were community gardens everywhere, hippies, most folks rode their bike to get around instead of drive, political bumper stickers were majority democrat, etc. This led to a hug influx of people with a similar mindset - if not a more extreme mindset. This influx of folks have voted into place the current system and it has unfortunately failed us like so many other liberal leaning cities (San Francisco for example). Downtown is awful, there are less police on staff due to an anti-police view by some city officials, which has led to more crime, less convictions, and a somewhat lawless city. As a twenty-something writer... that would be an ideal environment to do work, but as an old dude who is just trying to get to work/home... I don't want to constantly be in fear that some wackjob will have that final eye-twitch and lose his shit while I stand waiting for the bus. The city itself has gotten so bad that after a year of owning a really cool mid-century home with an in-ground kidney-shaped pool, spending over $100k remodeling it myself... my wife and I sold it and moved into a lesser home in a better neighborhood that has it's own police force that takes no shit. Sure, my property taxes are higher but knowing my wife and I can sit on our patio and not have to listen to gun shots all day or constantly pick up garbage folks have thrown over my fence into my backyard or... I'm getting off topic and just ranting. I'm not even really adding to the conversation, and for the record I've never voted in my life, but I will say that I personally fall somewhere in the middle. I would suppose that's where most common sense people fall. Strassel's views are a little cringe-worthy at times but some of the things she said I can get behind. I personally don't know what the answer is that the whole nation would agree on, and I'm not even going to try.
  6. All of... Pearl Jam Red Hot Chili Peppers Ian MacKaye The band Cake I could fill up this thread for hours...
  7. I can attest... I have a hummingbird feeder and watch them birds fight for control over it like it were the final ten kilometers of a flat stage in the Tour de France. I'm also old, so it makes sense.
  8. For those looking for help with Drop Shadow and 3D...
  9. @Ray40- those last two for the win. Both look pretty good to me for someone just starting out. A few thoughts... Do your fill-in and embellishments before you do your final outline. This includes your stars and bubbles. Also, once you're done with your outer outline (example, the yellow outline on the bottom image) go back in with the black and clean up your final outline so that's perfect. Your drop shadow needs some help but overall this is great progress!
  10. @EkONE23- we can work on 3D at some point, but the letters look good to me! Keep working them and refining them and they'll get even better.
  11. @EkONE23- looking good. Some thoughts below on how you could tighten it up...
  12. He's basically saying that as you're learning the basics of letter structure, aligning each bar in the letter to vetices or a vertex is a best practice. To answer your question about the letters L and T (or X, H, K, and R) - he did point out that there are exceptions to this rule as indicated by the letters I mentioned, including the letters L and T. Your sketch shows that you understand the basics of these letters, and understand his ideas about how to connect the bars in each of those letters. Letters like R and K can get a bit tricky but if you follow the YEP example below you'll be fine. All too often, especially when starting out, folks follow the NOPE example... which is incorrect. I think I've mentioned it before but just imagine you're writing these letters with a chisel-tip pen, and it should make sense to you.
  13. Joker

    The Cider Thread

    A local pub here in Portland makes their own black cherry cider that is awesome, and I’m not a fan of anything cherry flavored. Right now these two ciders have been sat-les in my fridge for the last month...
  14. Joker


    @Giant- Dude... don’t give up on that P. I like it. I had some fun with it just now and it makes me wish wrote Poker.
  15. Mine was similar minus the “weed” part - replace that with “take lots of LSD” and we’re set. That said, I was smart but lazy in high school. I chose to skip class, skip homework, be disruptive when in class... you know, that typical annoying teen angst type shit. I ended up in what was commonly referred to as Learning Disabled classes. In there I learned how to write checks, how to balance a bank account, and other everyday life hacks. It was simple, kinda boring, but I didn’t really have to think and ultimately that’s what I was after. Sure beat having to know the difference between their, there, and they’re... and how to use them. I kid...
  16. I never said I was right and he was wrong, I only voiced my opinion about something that seemed odd... well, to me.
  17. Joker


    Agree with the above feedback. I do like the P but I think it needs some love. Nothing really changed, just some work on how it's written. But the idea of making the O bigger on the end really helps.
  18. Personal opinion, but hygiene, human sanitation, and germ prevention should be taught at home. It's a parent's job to teach their kids to have proper hygiene, know where to defecate/urinate, and how to prevent the spread of germs. The idea of leaving that up to teachers seems really odd to me.
  19. Those little 18" (45cm) tall throwies are not only difficult to paint, but don't serve the reason of a throwup. Scale is important, speed is important. I know it's a waste of paint but your throwup should be as tall as that board. Color wise - try to stick to very contrasting colors for outline and fill. The bottom left is fine but the green and dark red looks muddy. Think about the majority of throwups you see out there - most of them are white fill with black outline, or black outline with white fill. High contrasting colors work best. Just do the outline, no fill, to conserve paint as you're learning.
  20. In my opinion, one of the most innovative right now with handstyles is Soviet. Each one is a masterpiece. His Instagram feed is a flood of incredible work...
  21. @Ray40- Your outlines are looking so much better than where you were six months ago, so good job pushing yourself. In the last few sketches you posted I really liked the two in the image posted below, but I took letters from each and put them together to show you, in your style, how you can tighten them up.
  22. @Ray40- to put things in perspective... this was my very first piece, and believe me, It didn't get much better for quite a while after that. Takes everyone a while to get the hang of it. Don't stress on it. Take your time and it'll all come to you eventually. Just enjoy this time learning and practicing and getting used to the spraypaint. Play with different caps, fading colors, all that.
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