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  1. Well, the second and third ones in the left row aren't bad. The third one - the letters are overlapping a bit too much, but not too bad. I know it's frustrating to nail simplicity but I also think you're being too hard on yourself. For clarity, I tried to do all the crazy semi-wild and wild style shit before I could do a decent simple style. About four years into being a writer I forced myself to go back and learn simples (and even then I wasn't good at them). And once again about twelve years later I retaught myself simples (much better, now). Getting simplicity to look right is harder than creating a wild-style piece... personal opinion. BUT if you can do a good simple you can do good semi-wild and probably wild-style pieces. This is my thought, anyway. Maybe the angle we should take for you is Blockbuster-style letters (see examples below). For the most part these are basically the direction we've been going - but maybe if you add serifs it might help you to align the letters more clearly (Conan & Bates are examples). Tick-Tock Blockbusters are cool, too. I would stick to straight-bottom versions for now, though.
  2. Crap... I was looking at the drawing above instead of the username. Well @defyoner I hit you up by accident, but enjoyed the process. @delv- I owe you one.
  3. Someone explain to me what destroying your community has to do with protest. Why would you loot and destroy businesses in your community? If it’s people from outside the community doing the destroying (as is being reported) why isn’t the community defending their surroundings? I understand the concept of folks seeing opportunity (looting) but once this is all over you’re left with a burned out community that has nothing to offer its residents. Who wants to live in a community that has no businesses to support it? If you owned a business and the community you supported looted and destroyed your business... would you be quick to rebuild in the same location? No cops would be a shit-show. It would be the Wild West out there. Nothing but dead bodies everywhere, every day. No thanks.
  4. @glorydays Does this help? The previous sketches were based on no fonts, I just drew them and figured the closest font you could use that is similar would be Impact. In the example below I used Impact, traced it, then embellished it.
  5. Any paper with guides is going to help you, so use what is available to you. I'm assuming you're talking about French Curve templates? Well, personally I would discourage you from using those, as I would discourage anyone from using any kind of ruler, but ultimately you should use what you feel is going to help you. If you feel a French Curve is going to help you learn how to best nail learning those curves then by all means get one. Rely on it to get you there and then put it in a drawer and forget about it. There's no French Curves for helping you nail those lines when painting a wall.
  6. @glorydays Nix the Helvetica Bold and work with Impact - it'll work better with the graph paper. Also, there's several kinds of graph paper out there - Squared / Isometric / Spotty. The Isometric paper might serve you better once you start adding some Graffiti elements to your letters.
  7. If you can get graph paper that would be great. It’ll help you keep your letters in line, structured, and same scale. in the example below - follow the top example until you get comfortable with the letters and understand the flow. Once you’ve got that, move on to the second example to get a feel for how to add some funk to each letter - on their own. Don’t worry about how one letter will connect to the next because that’s what you’ll focus on in the bottom example. get some graph paper and find some examples of the font Helvetica Bold online, and teach yourself how to draw those letters using the grid on your paper. Then move onto adding those Graffiti bits, and finally bringing the letters together. until you can get graph paper, draw yourself a base line and capital line and keep your letters within those lines, line the example below.
  8. Well, the tried and true method is learning straight letters really well. Based on the first few pages you posted I’d say you’re obviously putting in the effort on that end, but I would encourage you to sketch single letters over and over, and not worry so much about how your D connects to your E, and so on. Just focus on how your letters look by themselves. Don’t worry about making them all Graffiti-like, just make them look simple, and smooth. Channel your inner MBER or GESER. Once you get decent at simple letters you can move onto stuff like the sketches below. From there it’s a slippery slope to semi-wilds and wildstyles. After that... you sell out completely and only do abstract art on canvas for galleries.
  9. Laptop Drivers Glad this thread hasn't completely died... it's my "Community Service" thread. @glorydays- I'll spend some time tonight sketching out your name to show you some simple ways to build the word DENS out. The first handful of pages have potential, you just need some direction. The last two pages you've taken things too far without having that direction. I would hang onto those pages so in a couple months you can compare your progress and see where you were. I like that you're sketching out the simple letter shape before adding the Graffiti bits and bobs to the letter. That's definitely helping you keep your letter structure intact.
  10. Oh... so 90% of the 20 & 30-somethings who live in Portland. Got it.
  11. I've read this five times and I still didn't understand a word of it. Time to get on the Googles and learn me something...
  12. I only know of two formats for this sort of thing - tagging letters and piecing letters. I think everyone knows the Bombing Science format (posted below) which separates out each letter so viewers can clearly see the style. That said, I've been seeing the piecing style format for a few years and think it's pretty cool. A little more effort required but it could keep it interesting to mix it up from time to time - tagging style and piecing style. I can give some thought to contest ideas and get back to you @misteraven, even throwing in some of my personal stuff (prints, for example) as prizes. I know abstract Graffiti is not everyone's cup of tea, though. Maybe hand drawn blackbook page of the winner's name? Let me think on it.
  13. I'll have to give that a try @misteraven I normally drink whiskey/bourbon neat @glorydays, but from time to time I'll throw in a big block of ice and let it sit for a sec. Mostly drink it neat, though.
  14. Yeah, it's a little pricey for alcohol, but I'm at that age where this is the kind of crap I treat myself with. I suppose my wife appreciates it when you consider what most men in their 50s spend their money on. My takeaway was it was smooth, had a somewhat sweet taste but not overwhelming... like, barely sweet. Dry. I had this and Whistle Pig 12 year at a bar before the world shut down and I liked it best between the two. Though the Whistle Pig was damn good, too.
  15. In. Even though I’m retired I gotta keep my knives sharp...
  16. Back in 2000 this guy I snowboarded with once said I should check it out, been here ever since.
  17. I did a 12ozPROPHET shirt?!?!? Damn... that’s cool. I have no recollection of that. Oddly enough, I think I remember the forum tee... it was kinda baseball themed with caps as heads, right?
  18. Persue has done something similar with his Bunny Kitty character. Definitely aimed at kids but with bits for parents to dig into as well. http://www.bunnykitty.com/bunnykitty-worksheets
  19. Just went through four large totes full of photos and other family memorabilia. I’ll have some goods to share in about a week when I get home and have some time to sift through it. Mom saved everything...
  20. That was a long day, but fun. Painting with all those guys was a good time. And Montana came out with a videographer and interviewed everyone, sponsored the wall, and really made the day. Really fucked up the line with the roller, didn't I... busted.
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