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Everything posted by ohnoone

  1. brazil vs cans. crazy shit all night. LULZ at joe hogan fucking taking yamisaki to task in the ring.
  2. he seems a whole 35% less crazy than his brother
  3. friend of a friend is gonna be on that show. looking for lulz
  4. a different haunting altogether?? WTF? you got a source for that
  5. maybe late but the gif ass is mal malloy. she has all kinds of vids, dvds, tumblr etc etc.
  6. i guess overeems going to win..... but he looked pretty lackluster against werdum.
  7. not if he's off the card he wont. which is a possibility from what im hearing. mummur mummur rabble rabble.
  8. yea. the thing was on halloween they could move around. it was pre dawn as they drove to the police station. when they got there she had vanished.
  9. that eagle has some big ass feet. and the yogi has some little hands. interdasting.
  10. this is the end of the gsp era. cant say i'm that upset.
  11. Im not umad and i wont neg over it. But the fact that every huge name comedian in the country called in or came in studio at O&A to pay their respects shows that none of you haters have a clue.
  12. they used to have that. one of the first things they got rid of.
  13. http://www.wtfpod.com/ you can listen to last years interview on WTF. what a fucking genius, and i dont use that word lightly.
  14. ive been so bummed about this. the only saving grace is the hours and hours of O&A with him on youtube. A huge loss for comedy.
  15. okay, of course they have bean counters looking at numbers. Regular tv is built on ratings to determine ad rates, but not pay cable. which is why i put it in quotes. Someone said "i hope it has good ratings so it wont get canceled".., HBO rarely makes decisions based on ratings. Boardwalk Empire won eight Emmys. It could have sunk to viewership below 1 million and would still have come back.
  16. i never understood that helicopter one. are they killing two snipers? dudes seem to be alive when they fly off its hard to tell.
  17. random breathalyzers at work? JESUS that is lame.
  18. man , cung could have finished wandy too. I forgot he hurt him bad with that spinning elbow. and then he tried to fucking wheel kick him for the KO. which if it had worked would have made him a star. but instead he missed and let silva recover. he could have picked his shots a little better and closed that fight out.
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