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  1. the story of ricky is one of the funniest movies ever made.
  2. yea so weird. its almost like the lazy ass writers just change shit so it suits them. like how when they were scavenging cars on the highway there were dead people all over the place, but now all dead people go zombie.
  3. this. hot pants and one of the most brutal armbars in recent memory. loved it.
  4. the power of christ compels you nigga!
  5. brookins still stands straight up with his chin out. thought he'd fix that by now. didnt matter i guess
  6. i know i thought i was bad at 5'11 160. i could prob cut to 145 though. haha
  7. i dont get fuel so im streaming this. whens it projected to be over?
  8. i just caught the last minute of that fight. total strikes 172 to 12 !?!?!?! what the fuck did i miss
  9. what the fuck is she doing in the car anyway. this is literally what happened. rick: oh man this girl is sick, i better go get hershel. his wife: oh dont go...oh okay go but be careful we dont need to risk people 5 minutes later. wife: oh hey daryl, this girl is sick can you go get rick and hershel? Derp, nevermind i guess ill go. *flips car 47 times. he just left cunt! rick knows the girl is sick. why the fuck would anyone else need to go after him. what good will come of that.
  10. oh he's def gonna get some grief. last time he got popped for weed it was a fine and three month suspension. second offense? would be surprised if he got a year. its the vegas athletic whoever thats handing down punishment, not the ufc.
  11. silliness. why are they even testing for street drugs. i dont give a fuck if the diaz brothers fucking bang heroin all day as long as they show up to fight.
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