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  1. Maybe could have been a draw. But I wanted hendo to win so ill take it. Cung lee stoppage was early. And they kept calling it a knockout which is just dumb. Ref stopped it at the bell which is always shitty.
  2. there is a distinct lack of french maid pussy in the second half of this season. i am dissapoint. Show is still good though.
  3. just for the record.... heres the sauce of that gif. and another one to grow on. http://www.kodiefiles.nl/perfection.html http://www.kodiefiles.nl/perfection-part-2.html
  4. HAHAHAHA this thread is lulz. it could be so much better. but it's delivering nonetheless. would refresh again.
  5. if your wife had ass she should go here shakinit.com but since it sounds like she doesnt naked.com or some such is prolly your best route. oh and your wife's a whore. etc etc.
  6. once again, yall trippin. the free cards are always the best, shits free AND the no names are out there swinging for the fences. its not like the last card was anything special other than the main event. some craziness will pop off tonight. bet.
  7. freddy seems cool, but is there a more dyed in the wool badass in this world than max schaaf? man's man status.
  8. man fuck all that. Im a respectable adult. I also do a little BJJ and Im very humble and respectable in the gym. Fighting abilities aside,... who would you rather hear talk post fight? christian pussy ass uncle tom bones jones or someone like diaz or sonnen. Shit is entertainment. If everybody was a humble smiley ip man kinda dude, there would be no drama. you need it to sell fights and add interest. Diaz isnt respectable and thats why i like him. I also like guys like amir sadallah (sp?) because they dont talk shit, it isnt their nature. They just shrug and smile and say yea we are gonna fight and im gonna try to win. But shit talking mid fight and head-butting jabs is awesome too. hendo knocking the living shit out of bisping wouldnt have been half as awesome if bisping wasnt playing the heel. bad attitudes make fights better. just think about how much better itll be for you if GSP headkicks diaz into another dimension. if he was some nice guy..it'd be awesome, but its gonna be extra awesome for you cause you hate him... you take the good, you take the bad, you take em both and there you have, the facts of life.
  9. yall are some haters. diaz rules. love that mush mouth motherfucker
  10. GSP is out with a knee. lame.
  11. haha.istanbul is covered in sleeping stray dogs
  12. of course he will for the shows sake....but why would walt even go back to cooking? hes got a profitable business now. Some amount of cash tucked away and he just dodged the biggest bullet in the world.seems like a good time to get out to me.
  13. the fat black guy switched cigarette packs with jesse when he frisked him. as far as when he poisoned him who knows. yall really think that this scene plus the last one in the finale arent trying to say walt did it without literally saying it. heres a transcript of bryan cranston from an interview that ran before the finale "And then almost insignificantly, almost forgettable, the last scene, there is no dialogue. There are no actors. It's a familiar exterior scene if you've watched the show. You'll recognize the place, exterior shot, and you don't even know really what you're looking at. You're looking at something that's like, yeah, so? And the camera slowly pushes in, pushes in, pushes in, and you don't even know where it's going, it's innocuous And then all of a sudden it rests on an object. And once you recognize, and understand the meaning of that object, you hold your head, once more, and go: "NO! HOLY SHIT! NO!" WALT DID IT. GET OVER IT.
  14. why are people trying to resist the idea that walt poisoned the kid so hard. The show is called breaking bad. Its about a normal guy becoming a villain. I can understand not wanting to think that before the finale... but after? Walt did it. accept it.
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