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  1. ohnoone


    last night was the first time ive watched a whole episode of this. Many lulz were had. would watch again.
  2. i do a killer krang impression
  3. guy (nephew): i used to work on drug traccicking in pheonix city, went to jail, ive been here for 3 months. ...he talks about his uncle (seating besides him) having his truck confiscated, so he was helping him to bring in and out information for the boss men (cholo ivan, his brother and the ''mister'') Uncle: my function was, i knwew Cholo Ivan, Chapo Guzman .. from my nephew, i used to work for them, in fact, occasionally in 89' they sent me to talk to the coronel, one day i brought them some radio comunications from the ''Contras'' i used to ride with them in the Convoy, basically thats what happened during the time i worked for them. They used to pay me very little, last job i did, they only gave me $300, for risking my life, its not worth. I tell you people, be smart. its not easy to be here, there's no going back. Listen what im saying, you dont fuck with these people, the only thing i can say is, Chapo Guzman's people, they're not like they say. What else can i say? dont be fucking arround, be good, if you see something, keep your mouth shuth p and you'll be ok. What about us... ?? We are fucked. Be smart, thats all i have to say. might not be accurate. copy pasta
  4. SPOILERISH THEORY ALERT The plant Walt is looking at in this pool scene as he's plotting his next move is apparently called "White Monkshood", and as it turns out it's poisonous: http://hort.uwex.edu/articles/white-monkshood
  5. i came in here to neg you on thread title alone. but whats the point.
  6. not to take anything away from diaz, but none of the asian pride guys have really come over here and done shit to my memory. Aoki i guess, and akiyama has had some wars. But it seems like the japanese cant compete at the american/brazilian level these days. my .02 *cue people with better memories than me listing a bunch of names to prove me wrong
  7. haha yea still wating on that gif. i have an idea lets get more heavyweights to fight at high altitude. that shit was REtarded. diaz looked sharp and that boetsch judo throw was sick. people dont hit throws that clean in the gym much less in a real fight.
  8. ive got torn ligaments all in up over and around my knee. youll be better before i am.
  9. honestly, it could go either way. If you dont know shit about design at all. community college is a good start and it will save you a ton of money. Like whoever said, it ends up being about your portfolio. And if you go to fancy design school, (like i did) that shit cost a fortune, not to mention all the money you have to put in to your projects to make shit look tight to compete. Also Im in a dying minority. I still have a print design job which i actually love. but as far as future prospects its pretty sketchy. I dont want to end up going back to school. But right now im planning on taking a class to learn to do what i do now for ipads and other digital shit. You have to constantly keep evolving.
  10. I dont know shit about jail. and I aint wanna know shit about it. feel me.
  11. hahahaha. as soon as i saw that last night i instantly thought of it being a gif
  12. but DAO has 23 years of skateboarding. havent you heard?
  13. this fool needs to learn how to punch. who's your trainer nigga? the fucking notre dame mascot?
  14. yall are trippin with this "walt is useless now" stuff yea jesse can cook. but like he said, I know where to get the acid cause it has a B on the bucket. He still is no chemist and if anything ever went wrong he couldnt troubleshoot.
  15. the undercard was good. rest was pretty not that good. Shields gettin KTFO was funny though. Honestly the highlights of the night for me were the ridiculous back and forth between jones and rampage and watching mckenzie get crawled all over by a world class blackbelt.
  16. well as i have learned while lurking through fedor threads on other boards. muhammed ali lost 4 of his last 5. shit happens. people get old. i think fedors already down that path. He's fighting monson in russia or some shit next. and if he lost i would not be shocked.
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