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  1. the story of ricky is one of the funniest movies ever made.
  2. yea so weird. its almost like the lazy ass writers just change shit so it suits them. like how when they were scavenging cars on the highway there were dead people all over the place, but now all dead people go zombie.
  3. this. hot pants and one of the most brutal armbars in recent memory. loved it.
  4. the power of christ compels you nigga!
  5. brookins still stands straight up with his chin out. thought he'd fix that by now. didnt matter i guess
  6. i know i thought i was bad at 5'11 160. i could prob cut to 145 though. haha
  7. i dont get fuel so im streaming this. whens it projected to be over?
  8. i just caught the last minute of that fight. total strikes 172 to 12 !?!?!?! what the fuck did i miss
  9. what the fuck is she doing in the car anyway. this is literally what happened. rick: oh man this girl is sick, i better go get hershel. his wife: oh dont go...oh okay go but be careful we dont need to risk people 5 minutes later. wife: oh hey daryl, this girl is sick can you go get rick and hershel? Derp, nevermind i guess ill go. *flips car 47 times. he just left cunt! rick knows the girl is sick. why the fuck would anyone else need to go after him. what good will come of that.
  10. surprise....show still sucks
  11. oh he's def gonna get some grief. last time he got popped for weed it was a fine and three month suspension. second offense? would be surprised if he got a year. its the vegas athletic whoever thats handing down punishment, not the ufc.
  12. silliness. why are they even testing for street drugs. i dont give a fuck if the diaz brothers fucking bang heroin all day as long as they show up to fight.
  13. tried to prop you pert. 24'd. all yall should dl that album from itunes. help out one of the best minds ever's family in a hard time.
  14. im not arguing that it wasnt diaz's fault he lost. i noticed midway through the second that condit wasnt going to stand still. rogan and goldberg were still hyping diaz almost through the third. you can literally hear them realize that he's not running away with it like they've been saying he has if you watch it again. i think it was a combination of pride in his "boxing" and his corner telling him he was winning. he wasnt ever hurt and to him walking forward is winning. obviously he could have taken condit down easily and subbed him. it took no effort to do it at the end of round 5. condit had the better gameplan and i think its too embarrassing for diaz to admit that all you have to do to beat him is circle off the cage. although condit's circle off the cage is less fluid than say a cruz or an edgar. he got his points and then turned a shoulder and ran, which just looks bad. he could have landed one of those knees or spinning elbows and ko'd him and we'd all be singing a different tune. whatever. he won the "game." unfortunately we were promised a fight. facking greg jackson is ruining this shit.
  15. the sad thing is by the time he gets in shape he'll prolly have used up all of his iron chin ala' chuck. roy's pretty old and hes taken alotta shots. i had condit by a hair in that fight, but i did think it was wack. especially to talk all that im trying to kill you, refs gonna have to save your life shit and then pointfight and run. you won. but it was some greg jackson gameplan shit, not natural born killer shit.fucking boring. people keep that up and mma will be boxing soon enough. gsp will murder condit provided he's healthy.
  16. anybody got a stream link for later? they used to be so plentiful on the rogan board but they finally cracked down
  17. i had the links to those videos. theyre somewhere in the thread with homeboy talking about his skinny girlfriend doing webcam porn
  18. i dont have him. but if he won id just be like "damn. bisping's kinda legit." it wouldn't totally shock me.
  19. everyone is on PEDs. literally everyone who is anyone. youre a dummie if you get caught. the higher up guys can afford the custom cocktails and the good doctors to cycle them off right.
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