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    little trip. finally past the border patrol checkpoint. pee break arrived snack time next day. went for a ride. gotta flat. luckily i had my supplies kicked it in the shade for a bit fin gayfisheyeoner.
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    Girls are great on rohypnol
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    SHOTGUN made from iron bedposts; charge made of pieces of lead from curtain tape and match-heads, to be ignited by AA batteries and a broken light bulb. On May 21, 1984 two inmates of a prison in Celle, Germany, took a jailer as a hostage, showed off their fire power by letting go at a pane of bullet-proof glass, and escaped by car. THE CLASSIC Makeshift rope in the classic style, made from bedsheets and dish towels; length: 16 meters. On May 2, 1998 two inmates used it in a failed attempt to escape from the 6th floor of ‘Santa Fu’ jail in Hamburg, Germany. One of the men fell, the other made it to the roof of the main gate where he was spotted by a surveillance camera. IMMERSION HEATER made from razor blades; found in a cell in ‘Santa Fu’ jail in Hamburg, Germany. Jailbirds use these tools to distil alcoholic beverages forbidden in prisons. Your typical inmate’s moonshine still includes a plastic can containing fermented fruit mash or juice, an immersion coil of some sort, a rubber hose, and a plastic receptacle for the booze. NARCOTICS CACHE In a hollow space inside his artificial leg a prisoner in open detention frequently smuggled narcotics into ‘Santa Fu’ prison in Hamburg, Germany. Around 1984 his behaviour finally got the attention of the jailers who gave the prosthesis a check. LADDER made of steel rails from bookshelves. On October 10, 1994, inmates Gerhard Polak and Raimund Albert used this ladder during their successful escape from ‘Santa Fu’ prison in Hamburg, Germany. GRAPPLING HOOK with segmented extension rod (13 segments, overall length: 4.5 meters); rope made of leather and string. This cleverly conceived tool assisted two inmates in their escape from Ludwigsburg prison, Germany, on August 19, 1987. The attached rod enabled them to place and retrieve the hook and thus negotiate two prison walls in succession. KNUCKLEDUSTER with padded handle, made from a rasp that was presumably stolen from a prison workshop. The weapon was found in a cell in the prison of Wolfenbüttel, Germany, sometime around 1993. MACE This instrument was found in 1997 in the metal workshop of ‘Santa Fu’ prison in Hamburg, Germany, where an unknown inmate manufactured and hid it. It is either a weapon, or, attached to a pole, might have been designed to push away barbed wire from the top of a wall during an escape. RADIO TRANSMITTER / BUG made of radio recorder parts by an inmate of Wolfenbüttel prison, Germany (battery is missing). Prisoners occasionally manage to install gizmos like this one in guard-rooms to be prepared for upcoming cell searches. Also suitable as a means of cell- to-cell communication among inmates. A standard radio serves as a receiver. RADIO RECEIVER Sometime in the seventies an inmate of Ludwigsburg prison, Germany, built this radio on the sly and hid it inside an encyclopedia. It was probably commissioned by another inmate who had no electronic expertise himself. SAW An inmate of ‘Santa Fu’ prison in Hamburg, Germany, fitted a wooden handle to a piece of saw blade for better handling. The tool was found in his cell and confiscated. STOVE / GRILL / TOASTER An inmate of Ludwigsburg prison, Germany, botched together this multi-purpose tool from wire, a broken heating rod and some tin foil. It was found in his cell and confiscated sometime in the mid-eighties. SHIV disguised as a wooden crucifix; found in an inmate’s cell in Wolfenbüttel prison, Germany, sometime around 1994; intended for use in an escape or as a general weapon. At that time a lot of crucifixes were fashioned in prison woodshops until jailers finally figured out their true purpose. DOUBLE-BARRELED PISTOL This gun was found along with other homemade firearms in the cell of two Celle prison inmates on November 15, 1984. The weapons had been made in the prison’s metal workshop. They were loaded with pieces of steel and match-heads. DUMMY PISTOL from blackened cardboard; found on June 23, 1988, in an inmate’s cell in Stammheim prison, Germany, after a fellow prisoner tipped off the jailers. The dummy was hidden in an empty milk pack and was most probably intended to be used for taking hostages in an escape attempt. CATAPULT fashioned by an inmate in the metal workshop of Wolfenbüttel prison, Germany, presumably as a means for smuggling secret messages, drugs, or gun parts. Although the prisoner claimed it to be a piece of abstract art entitled ‘Dackel’ (= dachshund), it was confiscated in 1991. HASH PIPE fashioned from an empty horseradish tube; confiscated in ‘Santa Fu’ prison in Hamburg, Germany. Smoking implements are the most common illicit items in prisons. The range of materials they are made of mirrors the inmates’ great imagination. SAW made from a wooden coathanger and a jagsaw blade. The tool was confiscated in the therapeutical section of Hohenasperg prison, Germany. TATTOOING NEEDLE made from a toothbrush handle, a ball pen and an electric motor; confiscated in ‘Santa Fu’ prison in Hamburg, Germany. Tattooing instruments are a popular and common source of income among inmates but are banned as ‘illegal objects’ due to the danger of infection (Aids, Hepatitis, etc.). WHIP with razor blades. The grisly weapon was found around 1996 in ‘Santa Fu’ jail in Hamburg, Germany, in the cell of a drug addicted inmate after his failed attempt to extort a higher Methadone ration by threatening a female prison officer with a knife.
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    i don't know who in the fuck this Emma Watson chick is, but after a google search, she is dope... she needs to shave though.
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    You obviously have no idea about letter structure...Did you see that lower case E? That shit is on fire.
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    When i see girls all fucked up on something or drunk my penis goes soft. The most beautiful woman can be reduced to garbage when shes drunk or fucked on pills or any other drug but weed. I think its not sexy and a huge turn off. Unless the girl REALLY knows how to handle herself, ( which is like 1% of females) and i am also fucked to a point where i dont care, she might could get a pass. If not, it's wonk sagging thumbs down for me. End of rant.
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    Leather Jacket crew. Silver haired sex pest.
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    I was just reading the discussion a couple pages back......about beef and crossing out and how it should be handled and whatnot...and I was just wondering............. Am I the only one who thinks beef should be battled out and settled with paint anymore? I mean if you have beef you should settle it and beat them by going out and painting harder than them and crossing them out a shit ton... Not fucking showing up at their house with a whole bunch of people to intimidate them and then making phone calls to them either demanding paint or threatening to beat their ass, like some fucking douche bags are doing nowadays.........*cough*SKAR*cough* I mean that's just the game, crossing out and shit happens, you gotta get over it, learn to crush harder than the next guy, and stop being such a pussy and whining about it... Anyways, just wondering
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    Haha, ^ that was hilarious. Definition of career longevity right there.
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    funnest thread evar. im gonna do a few more... any requests? heres the ayebee i did a while back..
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    I would say that 90% of my oontz posting is done at work.
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    tina turna was a no show ha
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    Re: Don't Call it Frisco
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    I'm going to ban your girlfriend. Are you on here a lot, and is that bugging her? My girl went through that with me, but I told her I hate TV and she watches a lot of it so this is my refuge. I agree with Gooch on the fact that post counts (and props) don't mean shit on here or off. You can easily do 10 posts a day (my count) on this site, and only spend a half hour at a time on here. So that doesn't really decide how your life is or isn't. I think the boundary line is definitely in someone's actions on here. If you come on here to lie, play pretend, and grow some kind of e-fame complex from that --well, yeah that's a case where your girlfriend's argument is solid. Brickslayers has plenty of kinds of kids who think this e-shit is going to help them in some way. They self promote horrible graffiti, have all kinds of e-beef, and you know that they are growing some kind of pride in all that shit. So yes, your girlfriend is partially right about the site. But at the same time, I've met some really good people because of this site. I've worked on some really fun projects, that I would never have got if not for this site. I've come here for help, and actually found it ten times more than I expected. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, I've developed anonymous connections with people through matter of opinion and conversation (just like you would in real life). Will I ever meet these people? Who knows? But they've helped me out on occasion or inspired me to do more with myself somehow. Yeah, that shit is nerdy as hell, but I guess that's what keeps people coming back and posting more often then not. It's the invisible sense of community and the fact that our current society is evolving more and more towards reclusion via the internet. It's just in the early stages, and will eventually be the norm. There are online forums for everything, and they all have people posting on them. Maybe they aren't as busy, but it just proves that more and more people are searching and posting. Don't get me wrong, I find it nerdy as fucking hell and I constantly battle myself to NOT come back, but somehow boredom always takes over and I end up here typing like a fool, like I am right now. Eh, Fuck it, it's the internet, who cares? Tell your girlfriend there are people on this planet who would suck a dick for Dave Matthews' tickets. Post counts on a graffiti forum won't look so bad after she hears that.
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    No AIDS, I am also a fan of a bitch that knows how to hang. "Can I hit that" "Sure, of course you can, as long as I can Smash you" Works out well hahahah At least the chickeys I hang with act normal, no ridiculous behaviour or turn offs.
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    as for suicide, ive tried and failed and was found, there is nothing like the feeling of hopelessness, but thank god my friend stopped by....and i thank him everyday for it..suicide isnt a good way out..... seriously 1-800-suicide...use it...and just talk....
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    bridal pictures are always the most misleading.
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    Digging up the old thread because of these pics I found. Brides... And for you chubbsters
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    seriously, there is no need for anyone to justify why they are on here or what they do outside of here. anyone who cares about that shit should re-evaluate their own life or lack of one. it's the internet people, not a court of law. and yo Sheriff Cousins let's see some pics of this "girl" of yours, so we can pass judgment on the smash or trash factor...haha.
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    I was gonna explain a bunch of shit.. but she's just a retard. Arguing with Dr. Octagon over here.
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    tell her to quit her bitching otherwise she will be on the oontz 24-7 in the x-girls nudes thread
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    the interwebs helps keep me sane when i can't sleep
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    bump that sour and them btk's
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    females can't hold their drugs. from weed all the way to LSD, it hits them like a fucking steamroller. they go from tolerable to 'WOOO LOOK AT THIS' in 10 seconds flat.
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    Now you have a tampon.
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    NEEDZ MOAR ARROWS. Random graff shit. Walking.
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    aw deadli cope repin it in ireland again.. ..what retards!!
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    DUMMY SUBMACHINE GUN made from a grease injector, wood, a rubber sleeve, and tape. The mock weapon was found in 1994 in a prison workshop in Wolfenbüttel prison, Germany, after jailers were tipped off that an escape attempt was being planned. DUMB-BELL fashioned by an unknown inmate of Stammheim prison, Germany, in the prison’s metal workshop. In the late eighties, when this item was found hidden in a staircase, working out was still prohibited. GRAPPLING HOOK disguised as a wrought-iron candelabra, fashioned by an inmate around 1985 in a prison workshop in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, and confiscated in his cell. Before they were banned, candelabras like this one were quite popular among prisoners as they could also be used as grappling hooks in an escape attempt after bending open the legs and attaching a rope. ROPE LADDER with wooden rungs disguised as chess pieces; found and confiscated in an inmate’s cell in Wolfenbüttel prison, Germany, around 1993.
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    haven't used a non touch pad mouse in a while. and its a bit small, not sure why that is
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    Haha I like it how the Irish called these games off because they were just getting beat up every year. Didn't mind the fight in the state of origin either. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2HlTJT7igU
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    damn, I got some 100 odd days with out drinking and physically feel great much better then when I was boozing. The shit is progressive, alcoholism that is, everytime I've fallen off it gets worse an worse. Good luck to you and me.
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