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Cheap stuff is about $2.95 on the low side. Some supermarkets have deal where you earn points that’ll knock like $0.10 - $0.20 off per gallon.


Anyone notice how the non ethanol stuff gets you so much better mileage? Getting harder to find and costs way more... Usually like $0.25 or more over premium fuel if they have it. Usually restricted to only one pump as well.


I still remember passing through Georgia back in college and seeing gas for $0.87 a gallon.

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Paid 3.81 today for premium - goddamn tuning my car to run 91 only has probably cost me hundreds over the last few years.

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I paid 6,84 USD for a gallon of gas yesterday, or benzin as we call it. Prices here are very different to the US.

I had to convert from my currency to USD and from liters to gallons, in order to get that number, but there it is.

So thats another reason I love roadtripping in the US, both gas and rental cars are retardedly cheap.



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