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if the league creator of last time logs into espn you can reactivate the old league... might be easier


true, but he already said he didn't wanna be the runner of the league this year.


and yeah, snowbirds will keep the panthers alive, but what about the lightning? enough snowbirds to keep them alive as well?

i agree with you about moving phoenix and atlanta.

it'd give canada back two teams, and then they might have a shot of brining a stanely cup back to canada. :lol:

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so only 4 more hours left, for the NHL to decide if they want to approve that ilya kovalchuk 15 year 100m deal.


chelios finally calls it quits (lets hope he's not the hockey farve and comes back) sad to see him go.

but dude had a outrageous career and will always be remembered.


oh, and if the bruins let savard go, i'm gonna disown the bruins.

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can whoever started the league send me an invite? headaches sent me a link but if i acceoted we would have been coowners for some reason.


mo sluggs is the only one who can send you the link, he said to PM him.


but i dont think he's on right now, i PMd dude a while ago and haven't heard anything back from him.


so ya just got to wait till later tonight when he's on to expect a link, i'd PM him your email addy like he asked and just check your email through out the course of the day.

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chicago dumped like their who team! no way they can repeat!


what? why?

their core is intact, and they dumped role players. they also managed to pick up a bunch of role players this off season, for cheap.

chicago will easily be a 100+ pt team again this year, and will contend for the cup. you heard it here first!


just read that san jose signed niemi for 1 year, 2 million. lets see how good he does without chicago playing in front of him...

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also, i'm kind of anxious to see this sam gagner, taylor hall line and see if they put up some big numbers together, or if it's gonna be a flop and hall chokes on some pro-dong. /nohomo

and i'd like to see gagner breakout this year because past three years he's been eh, alright.

and im not even an oilers fan :lol:


hate to double post but I'm going to weigh in on this...

gagner is turning 21 this year and already has 131 pts, and he only played 62 games last year due to injury.

this kid is sick. apparently he's been doing a lot of training this off season and can skate faster now, and he's filled out a bit (nh). I can see him putting up 60-75 pts this year playing with a healthy hemsky all year.

as for taylor hall and the rest of the edmonton rookies (MPS, eberle and omark) I wouldn't expect them to light it up at all. I'll be really happy if Hall can manage 50+ pts, and I expect the other rookies, depending on who makes the team, to be in the range of 25-35 pts each. going to be a tough year again in edmonton but at least this team will be a hell of a lot more exciting to watch.

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yeah, agree with you metro.

i wanna see gagner put up big points this year, dudes doin big things /nohomo.. and he's gonna be a great hockey player.

also you never know, taylor could come out and just light shit up or he could come out play awesome for a month or two, then completely shut down and become shit at the pro level.


also niemi going to the sharks.

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!!









any takes on this?


Alex Ovechkin took a few swipes at Russian hockey during a radio interview on Friday, including calling the Kontinental Hockey League inferior to the National Hockey League. He also had choice comments about Russian youth hockey and critics of his play with the Washington Capitals.


Regarding the KHL versus the NHL, Ovechkin told Russia's Radio Sport: "There is no point to compare the leagues. Let them call me names, call me a traitor, but this is true." He congratulated KHL czar Alexander Medvedev for bringing home some NHL veterans, "But still, there are only three or four teams here that keep up to the level, and there are no other teams."


He also criticized the league for allowing Lada Togliatti to reach such dire financial straits that it hasn't paid up its players and coaches in months.


Regarding Russian youth hockey, Ovechkin said: "If you look at what is happening in reality with our youth hockey, then the situation is a lot to be desired." Also: "When children there are already standing with a cigarette, with a bottle of beer, and they don't need it. That's why we don't have a generation we had in the cases of [ilya] Kovalchuk, [Evgeni] Malkin, myself."


And regarding his play, Ovechkin said: "The question of why I am playing straightforward is a very simple one. It only looks that I play straightforward."


Ovechkin's comments were translated and presented by Dmitry Chesnokov of Yahoo! Sports.

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oh shit kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

whats good dude, been a while, what happened to the old name?



yeah it has been a while, old name is still around, i'm just on my work computer.


on the thornton note..




and Chicago repeating? yeah right! wings own turco, check the track record.

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yeah it has been a while, old name is still around, i'm just on my work computer.


on the thornton note..




and Chicago repeating? yeah right! wings own turco, check the track record.




hahaha even funnier then when it was posted last year


:lol: :lol:


oh and hey asthma...


no UMADS, but you really don't belong here.

Dude you should start watching basketball, hockey is clearly not your sport. Im pretty sure youve been wrong on everything youve said since you got here. If your with the flyers i guess thats good for hawks fans.
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All invites been sent homies---So is there any way anyone else can edit the season settings and all that other shit (Invites ,, Draft etc) ? Or is it only the person who started the league??

Ovechkin can say whatever he wants. He's the shit, even though he does some questionable shit sometimes. And He's most likely not going back to Russia so who cares??


Also Maury is the best show on tv

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