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I dunno, but......












































































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^ Money knows me.




Taking the high road back to Europe. Really looking forward to it.



I wish I was a trustafarian.


I would totally live that shit up too.

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So you made it sound like you were there to smash but really you were waiting for her boyfriend?

I don't use this face often. But it is entirely relevant to your situation little bro













always bustin my balls, nurk.

is all good though.


and update on the previous night:

homegirls babydaddy rolled through.

we snorked mad blow.

drank moar beerz.

i was coke hyped and a tad irritable.

dude and i started joke clowning on each other.

it got into a high school-esque shout match.

dude gets butt hurt after being called an "ass clown, mark echo shirt-wearing ass herb"

dude pushes me, gets in my face.

i pull the "lolwhyumadtho.jpg" on him.

homegirl gets between us while i got my coolface on.

i say i should get going now.

dude calls me a pussy.

i say "whatever herb"

dude runs at me.

homegirl blindsides him with a backhand to his grillington.

i lol and leave.

see her today.

we lol about the whole ordeal.




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Yonis, to be honest I'm mildly put off by you blowing a grand of your mums money (blowing your own money is encouraged. I feel bad for your mum son n/h) also people dont give junkies and ex junkies a lot of respect in the country where I grew up in ( smoking opiates is completely acceptable though) so in short, sorry little bro , you cannot have any of my money. But since you're young and if youre cool I'll probably lighten up and wave my no ex junkies rule for you and take you rap calligraphing when I arrive in Paris (do you like to rap calligraph ? n/h )


gasface- the best I can offer is a place to crash in Porto (Portugal). I've got someone Id like to catch up with there who owns a plush apartment. She has succulent friends. Also bring Dow. We'll organise a tranny and pizza.


Dao - while I appreciate the envy, I'm actualy not a trustafarian. I'm just relatively careful how I spend my money. I've organised things so that I'm in my late twenties with no mortgage, no car ( don't need one) and no kids. Life is good ( actually I'm not that padded though. That loot will mainly be spent on places to sleep and food etc).


Twinky - I'm not really trying to hate, just telling the truth br0. But it's all tough love (n/h). You sound like that girls pet or something. Don't Let her have you around so she can strut in her bikini and watch porn with you and feel good about cock teasing you. Put your arm around her and make casual coversation next time your at her house. And when you start taking photos in bed just say something like 'you're just turning me on babe'. The next day, don't even wait. Have her cook you breakfast then get that ecko guys where abouts and straight up break his nose. If you really want to be down on some blood scum shit steal something funny from her house ( I don't play that though ). So that's like 36 hrs of activity for you. Report back.

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