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Your Art Thread

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I had some work to share. But it wasn't anything that I cared to have critiqued, and it had nothing to do with graffiti. It wasn't a daily sketch, and quite frankly, I didn't feel like putting it in paper chase for obvious reasons.


I figure this can be an Untitled art thread by the users.


Post up any works of yours, sketch, painting, installation, WHATEVER. As long as its not really graffiti. Share.


I hope this takes off and you dudes start posting up. Ill post up whenever I get new stuff done. For now, here's a few for fun











watered down acrylics, pencil crayons, markers together on papers

nothing crazy/special, just messing around



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Stained Glass:   This one was a Christmas present for my mom.  13 separate panels instead of going ez-mode and replacing the wood lattice in the door.  Unfortunately was limited in glass cho

I think the obvious similarity is that it's vector, and the colour palette of that particular illustration. Otherwise i don't think my style is like Shepherd Fairey, if it's seen that way it's definit

Posted Images

(It's hard to tell here but...)

These are three-dimensional displays that I build out of layered, foamcore board:








Here's some framing I did:

(Which in my opinion, is an art.)








Custom cut, by-hand on a mat cutter. You can't tell, because it's white on white, but all exterior edges are beveled.





T-Shirt designed for crew and business owners involved in local filming of Spider-Man 3.


-Commissioned by Cleveland Film Society

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im really fed up with the way my scanner scans things

especially paintings


it takes away so much from the work its ridiculous

im borderline going to kill it tonight


need to take chill pills


no havent tried gauche.... i used cheap dollar store paints

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re-took the picture, i think its better now



heres one i did last night




in hindsight, the face sort of doesnt belong, but i like the way everything else turned out

had a few happy accidents along the way too


mega props if someone figures out who the person is


also those faces are dope



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