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If you’ve ever thrown your leg over a bike, been to a punk show, pushed a skateboard, or made something yourself you will love this movie, I promise. It’s available streaming online now, for free, for-ever. Sit down this week and watch this movie in its entirety, it’s one of the most entertaining documentaries I’ve ever watched.


I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM (full movie)

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i think your chain might be depressed.


on a completely separate and random note: freecoasters are the shit, always have been.


i wouldnt mind freecoasters it just scares me sometimes when the chain skips :p and i dont feel like payin 200 for one :PPPP and my chains like that cuz my rims fucked so i have to keep it loose. but i still love mah bike lol

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that bike looks nice and solid. are those raw twombolts?

and nice fourloko poster


i wouldnt mind freecoasters it just scares me sometimes when the chain skips :p and i dont feel like payin 200 for one :PPPP and my chains like that cuz my rims fucked so i have to keep it loose. but i still love mah bike lol



basically an astern hub, with a different shell... $75 and a little work (change bearings if you don't like them) and it should run smooth.


as for chain skipping, that's not what's happening, you either have your slack too loose, OR, because you have been running your slack too loose, the driver may be ground up from being slammed into engagement. I break down, inspect and rebuild my rear hub pretty much after any heavy session, keeping a close eye on it will always help it run smooth.

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so, for discussion's sake...


how do y'all feel about the recent surge of party-guys/stoners/beer/weed in bmx lately? I read TCU all the time and it seems like a lot of cat's on there have quite a bit of hate to distribute over this subject. Although, it seems like weed-friendly kids are still on the rise, despite the overwhelming amount of people who bitch about it.


me personally, i like that it's OK to be a stoner, i came up riding in the late 90's early 00's, when bmx was DOMINATED by the "straight-edge". Smoking a cig outside (god help you if it was joint) of the skatepark was a cardinal sin and a quick way to be told not to come back. Most annoying part, was i would have a great session with people, then light up once outside the door and those nice guys would turn into typical pissy 16yr olds and shit vibe me every time they'd see me after that.


Now, i'm not saying that everyone should HAVE to be a stoner, or that the kids who don't smoke/drink/party should be ridiculed. I'm more saying that it's nice that nobody cares anymore. Fuck, you can smoke at 90% of the outdoor parks i've been to now.


Discussion subject #2: Now that drinking/smoking isn't so looked down upon in bmx, do you feel that pro's should watch what they do on camera as to be a good role model? There seems to be quite a few people that think pro's should be "good role-models" for the younger generation, and by this i mean not smoke or drink when the camera is on them.


Personally, i feel that it's up to the pro's discretion. Street kids and trail guys, it shouldn't be a big deal to be seen smoking or drinking a beer. But i can understand all the park rat kids being pissed about that. The park rat demographic is mostly young kids, not actually too into the actual bmx life, but more into the "sport" of it. Kids like that seeing a pro smoke could shatter their little perfect view of bmx. Lord knows we totally need more meat heads with gyro's and neon bikes at the skatepark doing hideous ass back flips and coping ballet nose-jam tricks. Yeah, bmx needs more of that.

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my argument would be based on the assumption that a near majority of the money coming into the sport is coming from kids or kids parents. its like hannah montana--the money she makes comes from kids. she can't go around smoking and expect parents to keep giving up their money for people that aren't being role models...

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makes sense, but where's the significance of the older demographic's opinion? Yes, the young generation (or their parents rather) is a big chunk of the profit, but, is it so much more significant than the return (damn near life long) customers that have been buying/riding/breaking/re-buying parts for years?


I guess what i'm getting at here is: Is the amount of money that's made from complete bike sales to kids (who will only ride for a summer, and never buy another bmx product again) more important than the money from life long customers?


than the classic question can be made: "is that selling out?" Not being down for weed and drank because you want fickle parents to line your pockets for the cheap tin bikes you have thrown together in Taiwan?


i guess it's more an issue of ratio's, if the amount of new riders is 1000 and at least 500 of those kids will continue to ride bmx, than yes, keeping up the good opinions of the youth and their parents would be proactive to BMX in general. But if the numbers are skewed in the other direction, it's blatant hustling.


and i don't think what the media did to michael phelps is a good example for why professional athletes should live in constant fear of enjoying themselves on their down time. I understand your point, though, that a pro must be "professional" in the same way a business man or lawyer wouldn't rock a rasta hat and wear hemp necklaces. Although i think it's rather bias that, in bmx, it's ok to look like a total jerkoff, but god help you if you act like one. You can have neon pink hair and face tats, but smoke a cigarette and you're a total douchebag... weird.


oh, and sorry everyone for the dual walls of text.

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Maybe because it's NOT a traditional sport - look at any "extreme" sports people - they live their lifes extreme - tatts / pink hair...


But smoking in front of kiddes just ain't gonna cut it - be it skateboarding / snow boarding (dude got bust at the Olympics THC) / BMX


Side note - Love vinegar... love it...



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