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  1. I'm jealous of fr8slayer's pad , rad bikes hanging everywhere . Last count was probably 9-10+ . :cool::lol:
  2. CELT


    Backside 5-0 down the El Toro Rail ( R.I.P. ) If you weren't old enough or lucky enough to see it when it was around in person , and not Thrasher or Trasworld...the fucking thing was a beast .
  3. Brickos , does any Aussie you know own any of the bikes from the movie BMX Bandits ? I say this serious but chuckling a little because when my son watches it I think of you and all your bikes . :lol:
  4. Notice how the small , White chick is holding a cup , so she can get a re-fill of piss in her cup from the tuck-job , Penis Williams monster . TRASH .
  5. CELT


    Can you make Slayer songs into straight battle jams or what ? I'd love to see it . :lol:
  6. Hahaha , yeah this thing is pretty rad though , and weighs next to nothing . I am cleaning it up tonight and riding it On a side-note , if you ever sell that General Lee 24" Cruiser , I'm down . :lol:
  7. Pacific Banshee 24" Cruiser I picked up yesterday off of CL for $35 . I know nothing of this bike and information is scarce on the internet about it . Going to clean it up today , replace the tubes and ride the hell out of it . It looks to be early-mid 90's , any info would be appreciated . :cool:
  8. CELT

    Fem Vocals

    ^^^ Great voice , shitty attitude .
  9. Tell me about it , everyone riding 39-42mm wheels , trying to think they were skating Pulaski Park in D.C....lol . I never really progressed in skating street during the mid to late 90's . I just skated and still do skate , the same way I did when I started . Granted I'll throw in a Heelflip here and there , but I skate fast and grind hard , which is all I know to do anymore . :cool:
  10. Remember trying to find wheels bigger than 52mm in 1992-1993 ? I do and I had a shitload of 60-63mm wheels and was laughed at by some people , but I also made a killing selling them , trading them for things . I have so many setups , ok maybe 3 right now . I don't skate street like a lot of you guys and my idea of street is straight out of " Streets On Fire " , cruising around Cleveland doing fast-plants , slappies , boneless , etc...lol . :lol:
  11. Big fun-bags w/ the glasses = SMASH
  12. I wanna skate that deck .
  13. 61mm/97a OJ II Team Riders are calling my name at my skate shop . The asshole rain finally stopped after like a week and a half straight of it .
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