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Daily Sketch Thread.

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Back before the 12oz nuclear fallout of 2009, their was a thread in here called the Daily Sketch Thread started by purrplestain, basically the jist of this thread is that we brainstorm ideas of things to draw and then we come back on a due date and we post what we've drawn. I dunno, i always liked the idea of this thread. So if youre intrested post up..I'll start off with an assignment.


*Somthing from the Garage/Utility closet. Post up by July 16th?

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Well this was never really the most popular thread when it was around..lazy fuckers! bajaja, anyways heres my sketch for the idea. Feel free to join in anybody, any ideas are welcome..abstract, sculpture, painting, digital, magazine clippings, and what ever you can come up with..just any ideas..im open to anything, i just sit around the house and i like this thread because it gives me new things to try new ideas i haven't explored different way to look at art..things like that. I mean is anybody intrested at all? leave a comment..


...Anways, heres mine for *Somthing from the Garage/Utility closet. Post up by July 16th*



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Okay, well i guess the garage composition idea didn't go over so well. I'll just keep on posting..maybe after awhile their'll be some intrest. Anyways, i was thinking since its summer and the days are hot, and the nights are cool..maybe we do a composition with that in mind..



*Warm and Cool composition, any medium: July 21st, 2009*


What do you guys think? Everything is open, collage, abstract, real life, what ever. Anybody up for this? bajaja, or is it just going to be me doing this again?

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like the idea of this thread, i'm not much of a drawer or artsy fellow... but want to keep this going and alive and I aint got shit else to do at work.. hopefully some other heads jump on. not exactly what you are looking for and no colored markers at work... just playing on your warm cold words... can also be found in the garage!




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I haven't even started, i thought i would just let it die..Thats it exactly man, its just daily sketch..Looks good man the cooler is really fresh. its just all about open ideas, Hot and cool what ever that means to you. Feel free to start up other ideas you got too, its just about sharing ideas and shit like that. I'll have to get on this..

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good looking penmanship in here


Port-A-John Enthusiest's *Somthing from the Garage/Utility closet. Post up by July 16th*

very still life trained drawing. Nice.


I think I posted this in the old thread...

Here is a drawing I did on a box at work while I was supposed to be working,



What about daily sketch, if you want, but a weekly assignment sketch?


Assignment: a drawing while you were at work or school of anything, ie. while neglecting another responsibility. Due date: Saturday 9-5-09

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porto give an assignment! i just gave you your 11th tic tac woo!


i draw at least an hour a day but havent seen this thread before, lets figure something fun/ a lil difficult to do.


something i used to do in college was to make a drawing using exactly 100 lines... anyone interested?

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