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The South is Fat...

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July 1, 2009 -- It's official, again. For the fifth year in a row, Mississippi is still the nation's heaviest state -- ground zero for obesity in the U.S.


That's according to a new report, F as in Fat 2009, issued today by the nonprofit Trust for America's Health in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


The report shows that 32.5% of Mississippi adults are obese and 44.4% of kids 10-17 are overweight or obese.


Topping the obesity charts is getting to be a habit for Mississippi. And that's prompting some navel-gazing in the state.


Here are eight steps two Mississippi mayors and a Mississippi endocrinologist say it will take for Mississippi to put the brakes on obesity.


Uwaifo, who moved to Mississippi two years ago from the Washington, D.C., area, says he was surprised by how Mississippians eat.


"I was amazed at how virtually everything was fried," Uwaifo says. "I've seen oranges dunked in oil" as well as fried bananas and apples.


Uwaifo isn't ruling those foods out totally, but he says if they're dietary staples, "it could be dangerous for your heart, it could add up over time."



State Adult Obesity Rankings


Here is the average percentage of adults who were obese from 2006 to 2008, according to CDC data cited in the report. States with the same percentage of obese adults are listed together.


1. Mississippi: 32.5%

2. Alabama: 31.2%

3. West Virginia: 31.1%

4. Tennessee: 30.2%

5. South Carolina: 29.7%

6. Oklahoma: 29.5%

7. Kentucky: 29.0%

8. Louisiana: 28.9%

9. Michigan: 28.8%

10. Arkansas and Ohio: 28.6%

11. North Carolina: 28.3%

12. Missouri: 28.1%

13. Georgia and Texas: 27.9%

14. Indiana: 27.4%

15. Delaware: 27.3%

16. Alaska and Kansas: 27.2%

17. Nebraska and South Dakota: 26.9%

18. Iowa, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania: 26.7%

19. Maryland and Wisconsin: 26.0%

20. Illinois: 25.9%

21. Oregon, Virginia, and Washington: 25.4%

22. Minnesota: 25.3%

23. Nevada: 25.1%

24. Arizona and Idaho:24.8%

25. Maine: 24.7%

26. New Mexico: 24.6%

27. New York: 24.5%

28. Wyoming: 24.3%

29. Florida and New Hampshire: 24.1%

30. California: 23.6%

31. New Jersey: 23.4%

32. Montana: 22.7%

33. Utah: 22.5%

34. Washington, D.C.: 22.3%

35. Vermont: 22.1%

36. Hawaii: 21.8%

37. Rhode Island: 21.7%

38. Connecticut: 21.3%

39. Massachusetts: 21.2%

40. Colorado: 18.9%


State Childhood Overweight and Obesity Rankings


Here is the report's list of the percentage of children 10-17 in each state and Washington, D.C., who are overweight or obese. States with the same percentage of overweight or obese children age 10-17 are listed together.


1. Mississippi: 44.4%

2. Arkansas: 37.5%

3. Georgia: 37.3%

4. Kentucky: 37.1%

5. Tennessee: 36.5%

6. Alabama: 36.1%

7. Louisiana: 35.9%

8. West Virginia: 35.5%

9. Washington, D.C.: 35.4%

10. Illinois: 34.9%

11. Nevada: 34.2%

12. Alaska: 33.9%

13. South Carolina: 33.7%

14. North Carolina: 33.5%

15. Ohio: 33.3%

16. Delaware: 33.2%

17. Florida: 33.1%

18. New York: 32.9%

19. New Mexico: 32.7%

20. Texas: 32.2%

21. Nebraska: 31.5%

22. Kansas: 31.1%

23. Missouri, New Jersey, and Virginia: 31.0%

24. Arizona and Michigan: 30.6%

25. California: 30.5%

26. Rhode Island: 30.1%

27. Massachusetts: 30.0%

28. Indiana: 29.9%

29. Pennsylvania: 29.7%

30. Oklahoma and Washington: 29.5%

31. New Hampshire: 29.4%

32. Maryland: 28.8%

33. Hawaii: 28.5%

34. South Dakota: 28.4%

35. Maine: 28.2%

36. Wisconsin: 27.9%

37. Idaho: 27.5%

38. Colorado: 27.2%

39. Vermont: 26.7%

40. Iowa: 26.5%

41. Connecticut. North Dakota, and Wyoming: 25.7%

42. Montana: 25.6%

43. Oregon: 24.3%

44. Minnesota and Utah: 23.1%


Those rankings are based on data from the 2007 National Survey of Children's Health



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Dude that's a bunch of bullshit- they want you to loose trust in the south because most of your food comes from the south fool... the establishment want you to stop buying food to weaken the economy to push their new world order upon us....

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I didn't get it from yahoo as I never go on there except to check emails.

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Pretty much anyone outside of a major city in TN Is probably a lardass


but all the hot chicks are in the city


except Memphis... If the bitch is fine in Memphis she's got a 89% chance of being a stripper/hooker

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This is true, i'm surrounded by fat asses....


Swat I'm sayin

you have to go to platinum rose to see a hot chick

I can just drive down music row

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Here in L.A. I've noticed that there are a lot of fat little Latin kids.

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Shit, i stay in campus area so like any campus area there are stout ass chicks, but downtown it's like 90% fat black chicks- count me out.

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There is just too much fat in this country.


Bitches and bastards on those Hovarounds and shit. Fuck you.

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I wonder if there are any studies of big city's vs. rural/suburban areas.

I'm sure using an automobile for commuting and everything is a huge factor.


I remember Colorado had very few lard laden people when I was there but seeing an obese person in Manhattan is less likley than anywhere I've been.

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"niggas in the south wear gold teef and gold chains

been doing this shit for years so this shit aint gon change"

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I lived in boulder for 3 years, and it was really fitness oriented

biking and hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter


I think people in the country parts have nothing to do but eat

fried turkey and chug cases of bush in realtree 2x4s

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