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Victor Ward

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sooooooo i been chatiting ewith fucjking niegrr homos in like sjhitty places like kenner and batyon rouge an dthe fuckin everglades and athens geoirgia. YO MOTHERUKXCS ima tell yall noggers about sonme athens bitches. theyre all so glam YO im like best friends with this bitch named ASHA (exotic ehhhhhhh)0 who is the daughter of the kjkenyan ambassadir to the USA and she wears D&G jeans and jimmy choos all day anevery day and shes hot and tall and sknijnjny and black like a ebony motherfucks but she gets relaxors everyother day to make her hair is starifght as a white girl. its hot. she haad slaves and servants and shit back in the mothrerlans and they picked up her clother aftre she threw em on the floor when she chanegs and she likes to play with her nose but its nturally narrow so it doesnt get all sweolen and monkwyinsh. so anyways tonight was lame sa usual even thought i got teh essentials (bolivian and grey goose but too much grey duck beforehand soooooooo it dont matter but i,m shakin stil so its oka) but yo bitches around her this is the uiforM:

BCBG top

long strfand of pearls

fl;ippy skirt

hairt patrted on the side

jimmy choos or som,e other stilettos

cosmo in hand

marloboro light in mouth

uo itys semi sexy but its all the same i need to get back to new orleans and fuuind theh crackhead niggeretes named nmidnight and shit they were dope out on the interstate in swimwear from wal mart.

yo im tired even though i wont go to sleep tonight so peace im gonna go lounge and watch thes episode of VH1 CLASSICS "CLASSIC/ CURERENT" where im gonna watch elton johon and dire straits and the clash and uhhhhhh fuck i dunno remember who else cos i wasnt at hiooome,



later sexies

lve the sexiest waif alive VICTOR

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