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black magic


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i suck at poetry. This is for a project i have due next week. any critiques good or bad appreciated.




Black Magic

seems like freedom

Black Magic

sir? check please

Black Magic

the power of plastic

Black Magic


low interest!

total security!

new mini card!


Black Magic

hangs us slowly

Capitalist Magic

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Originally posted by Da Moaner@Oct 18 2004, 03:35 AM

speaking of black magic...the new Mountain Dew Pitch Black is magic like a cock in a fucking bottle!


A. You would like to be able to obtain "cock in a fucking bottle", and to do so, would be a magical experience. drinking Mountain Dew Pitch Black rivals this bottled cock discovery in magical-ness.


B. You find this beverage to be so distasteful that you compare it to the magical occurence of finding cocks in bottles, which you would find distasteful.


please clarify.

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