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  1. Ckit


    Did it in Costa Rica. in the middle, we stopped at this place that had a three-tier waterfall that had jumps of 10, 20 and 45 feet; as well as a rope swing in the top pool. It was amazing.
  2. I have been MIA for a while but here are some photos! I have been so busy with work that I have thousands of photos on my computer, still unedited from the last couple of months. hopefully time will allow me to post some on here in the next week or so!
  3. i love that guy with the beer. nice shot daily!
  4. Wow, that spot looks awesome dvan.
  5. there are a couple good 3rd party lenses that you might be interested in. tamron tokina or sigma fisheyes come to mind. i have heard good things about the sigma 10-20. or if your rich go all out and get a nikon brand one. :D
  6. i couldnt agree with you more. especially the new age internet 400$ outfit wearing ones.
  7. dope hdr shots. i can't stand when they look all fake but yours are quite nicely done. i have always wanted to try some but one i don't know how to and two i don't have photoshop haha. one day.. i have tooonnsss of photos on my computer..too lazy to upload them though..
  8. haha i know im addicted. its gotten so bad that with the program i use to make them (gimp) i have to create two borders because they wont make one big enough in one shot. thats how they are when they are in the gallery so i guess i just like them to be like that on here too. or maybe im just crazy... :D
  9. i havent posted in a looong while now. here is some new stuff frmo the last week or two.
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