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WebsterUno "Roast" props glad you survived the car wreck homey, thread.

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I am hereby nominating WebsterUno for a 'roast' thread....you know like on comedy central.


anyway...having been on 12oz since 4/00 i have really come to take WebDogMoney's presence for granted. in fact i knew of Webs back in 97 when i was locked up with his homey(im pretty sure anyway) who told me about his homey WEBS that got up on mad busses back in *** **** in the day.


and lately, since WebDogMoney's car wreck that logically would of killed him, i catch myself thinking what a truly remarkable character he is.


if you read what the Webster gots to say you know the details...but what im sayin is we need more Websters in the world today.


Proper Respect Webster. Im glad your still here cause your a phenomonal person who I respect.


someday we should drunk fortys smoke heavy and do some chode battles.


Nothing but respect.


-old english 800.594

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If it wasn't for Webster we

would all be confined to

a world where everyone

follows the same rules.

That is not a world

I want to live in my friend.


Big ups.

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bump till WebsterUno peeps....you know?




its your firbday.....gonna drink malt liqour like its your firbday......






im drunk you motherucker.........


for real mayn. yous a cornerstone of 12oz. dont understand hows you not a moderator yet.






i hope this makes your day when you peep in the am cause you deserve it dog......all sincerity here. drunken or not. corny or soy.

its on money. i look to you with respect and solid view point i can adjust my misguided one to.

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eh sorry if this offended you Webs. i get a little carried away drinking some times.


i meant well tho meng.

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Guest WebsterUno
Originally posted by mental invalid

....heal fast......


heh heh...thanx.

But, I came out unscratched.

Thats what was so weird, and

still is. I was in a bad accident,

and Im ok. Im very thankful too!



Ive heard of a 'roast' through

commercials, but dont know what

its all about. What is a "roast".


thanx for all the kind words folks.

this place wouldnt be what it is without all of you.

even the ones that didnt reply or see this thread.


rubber bunz and liquor

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Guest 455

Alright,here's the scenerio....


Kickin' back in a recliner rocking a robe sipping on some Remy poured over a hot glass while taking a few puffs off the Black and Mild....watching Scarface with your girlie....


Word Upski without William Wimsatt...peace.



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