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  1. some more good ones. http://img41.photobucket.com/albums/v127/tallsam/junk/alizeeascii.gif'> since that seems to be a popular one.
  2. jesus...that punch one makes me ache. heres one of my personal favs. http://kaoticz.com/forums/uploads/post-5-1068353167.gif'>
  3. Im a tad late but Clive bags hold well, and have a good reputation for being rough, and sturdy sometimes though theres enough pockets to hide a small arsenal and there there just for looks or for bells and whistles you know? Gravis also has a good rep, Ive had one of their backpacks for the past year(shadow pack) now and its my main every day bag, but mainly its where I carry all my cpu and gear with it, its like a roaming digital studio....so far its held up pretty damn nicely. I would reccomend both of those companies for a backpack of they type you are looking for. and of course the
  4. haha, Nekro you nerd!;) (ive seen that as a desktopclock as well) I also havent worn a watch since I think highschool, I bought one though two years ago, some cheap Timex trying to look all fancy and shit, but it felt unnatural to wear.
  5. haha nice. Now see if people either, reply to your note (ive seen this happen), or actually pick it up.
  6. nice webs, more robot nerd links here...seriously.
  7. yoink

    The Hero

    ooo/ thats the mecha war little super ninja warrior thing. yeah that looks fun. I will probably watch hero also, just for the visuals at least. Is this a remake though??? isnt there another movie thats been out in japan that this is based on? or am i just completely lost here.
  8. word. that was a nice fucking film. I am not going to be surprised sometime down the road.
  9. yoink

    The Babble

    by the bathorae nice posts up there, I remember seeing that cover at the bookstore the other day (the flaunt one) and it sticking out.
  10. yoink

    The Babble

    wayne white, 3d type/oldpaintings. hope it isnt a repost. http://www.clementine-gallery.com/img/southerndaddy1.jpg'> http://www.clementine-gallery.com/img/myjawdrops1.jpg'> http://www.clementine-gallery.com/img/etegdt1.jpg'> http://www.clementine-gallery.com/img/arealnobody1.jpg'> http://www.clementine-gallery.com/img/takeyourforms1.jpg'> his newest exhibition these are old thrift store type lithos with his letters painted on them.
  11. haha! how much weight did you end up losing? I got it once in high school, I lost 10-12 pounds in four days or so, it was nooooot fun. that little episode has kept me away from ravioli ever since.
  12. Dude after hearing more and more about this I really agree with Browner....do what your comfy with, I know job wise this place has some good points, but you dont want to end up hating it more and more, and coming home every day with the typical answer to "oh how was work today webby???" "sucked major ass" repeat Good luck, sounds like some gay attitude problems over there.
  13. friday: just got bike from a biking journey. (went out adventuring.) about to hit the showers, score some chinese food, and then do a logo/illustration for a friend....portfolio material wheeee. saturday: go get some gear for the bike; go on another excursion, work on above illustration and portfolio. sunday: I dont know right now. havent thought that far ahead. whoops, devs post just reminded me Ill probably have to squeeze in a troy showing saturday or sunday with the girlfriend and little sis. theyll be gunnin for me If i dont.
  14. yes it is/ bad casting...probably, I mean Keanu gets a lot of shit, but he pulls off roles...sometimes...I dont know, def. not what I envisioned for constantine though.... Whats scary is who they were thinking of casting for the lead role in the precher movie. sometimes I dont know what movie execs crack out on when thinking about this shit.
  15. yeah I hear that, I figured its probably one of the big reasons youd like to "break loose" Im real interested in companies like Graphic Havoc and shit like that, but I know there little firms, you know started by four people and what not, that would be a dream job, Id be happy bringing someone coffee right now;) -checking mail as we speak...ill get back at you later
  16. heres another thought....if you can elaborate...is the work you mostly do (webs and browner if this applies) very corporate and outlined? how much creative freedom do you have...?...I mean obviouslly in freelance situations you have a larger say choice of what you can do and how much of yourself you put in to the project, but if you wanted to say work more illustrative, or in more creative terms then just advertisement what kind of firm should you be looking for? I guess this is coming up since I am fresh out of the water, most of what Ive done has been to a large extent personal, and more
  17. okay ive got a pretty sweet vision of where things should be heading with this, this is great.... Webs I wouldnt mind grabbing that box template, if you can send it to that email for me? browner I understand the cover letter now, Ive never seen one of those with some of the people I know but it makes sense im going to research them, as well as ways to put together my resume and hopefuly make it banging(lack of work experience is a killer!).
  18. yo brownrock, thanks for the tips... -I would like to get my portfolio done with a few weeks. thats basically my timeline, i have that span of time to make everything oh so pretty, and then its job searches...Boston being the big one, as thats one of my top choices to go to right now. -As I said before my work experince is a tad limiting which blows....so hopefuly i can get maybe a small job here and there over the next few months, Ive also done a few little things for some friends bands that will be included...good point. -Im a tad shady on the interview part, im not horrible at one on
  19. thats awesome...this would be my ideal situation. -fingers crossed-
  20. Im goin to have to say thats taking it a little too far. I agree with you on to each their own..but thats just............well silly.
  21. whoooooooooooooooosh like a speeding bullet; gone
  22. no sir most def. not...I will email you and tell you what I was talking about. -I hear you on the binder thing, a friend of mine did that as well, I will probably do that. -yes its all school work./and or personal, I got into actual design semi late soooo its all very recent but not work work. where I lived wasnt the best place for it, not too mention my school wasnt very helpful -I have on piece that was for a small internship that was a banner design.flyer/brochure design for an art auction, its not awesome, but...because of what it was for I was thinking of including it... -I would
  23. Your the man now dawg no seriously thanks for the info...and man I was completely lost on the dress tip, now I will def. set aside a interview/meeting outfit. -yeah I will set up a website then. I really need to anyways this will be extra motivation.... -the cool thing about the book thing is I can easily translate it to print, which I think I might do as well, so they can both to look at?? I dunno, or like you said a cd and just a link to a site, thats probably what I will end up doing... -do you think it would be worth it to jazz up the cd? IE print a label directly on it, make
  24. Im glad I wasnt the only one that pretty much just realized those were Rages.... ok your goin to make another run? and charcoal probably...?? -yoink is soooo signed up. I needed a new hat badly...and I dig this hat stizzle. -like I said before a hoodie, with that paw print somewhere.....ditto.
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