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  1. Shit and stuff was said metaphorically. GOD knows all. Dont front. My Grandfather took his life to spare his family. So that cat with LaCosaNostra as his name? I hope your Grandfather did the same.. My Grandfather was in his 50's when he passed. my other grandfather was in his 30's when he passed. My Grandmothers are no one i woulda wanted to mess with as a youngster. But im Italian Irish Catholic. Belive, Jesus died for your sins and life is nothing more than a series of choices.
  2. Jesus Saves. Your Grandmother is in Heaven. Gods a cool motherfucker. look that guy up sometime. he knows shit and stuff.
  3. yeah, and funny how there is no hard evidence to contradict OBL's claim that he didnt do it. While the whitehouse has been stonewalling the 9/11 commission for deep.
  4. two points i disagree with. first, Osama Bin Laden denied, via bbc-a very established news source, that he committed 9/11 Second, Osama and the US do have somthing in common, they both hated Saddam. So while the US OCCUPATION....cause its not a war, its an invasion and an occupation with insurgents, is fucked I strongly disagree with urging the death of US soldiers. if they want to kill americans....the people behind this shit live in washington dc.
  5. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...c_3Sympathizers Turn to Rap to Battle 'Infidels' Mon Feb 9, 6:06 AM ET Add Technology - Internet Report to My Yahoo! By Miral Fahmy DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's newest weapon against the West is a violent English-language rap tune urging young Muslims to wage holy war. The song is being broadcast on the Internet in an attempt to lure music-loving youth into the terror network, which is blamed for the September 11, 2001 attacks on U.S. cities and other bombings around the world. Titled "Dirty Kuffar" or "Dirty I
  6. id be straight to never see a 99cent cheezeburger again though.
  7. Re: Prison food. nawww....you mix it up in a plastic laundry bag. over the summer i seen some county time and these cats would make HUGE batches of it. eggs in ramen is good, but i usually just eat it straight with the season. ive had three month old taco shells with hot sauce. i dont know though...every time im hungry, and its not like i lived with my moms when i found myself hungry, i always find food. i worked in the jail kitchen. i gained ten pounds.
  8. i never really fucked with pills....prescription or not. so fuck it. hmmmmmm....no medical insurance though.
  9. sounds like about what i need to stop drinking 3 forties a day every day for the last as long as i can remember. ima fucked up motherfucker myself.
  10. agreed. i know a bum that got a burberry rain coat at a thrift store for 16 dollars. i know where the thrift store is to.
  11. hahahahhahaha.... tease keeps it rail. one day young wigger...you might just have to brave the real world. and these are the days of our lives.
  12. i should try that line.....hey ladys...you know if you have sex with me its a tax deduction and a story to tell at partys. cept im not disabled or trying to sell myself on ebay.
  13. as long as your not internationally profiled as a criminal and not seeking a green card i wouldnt worry about it.
  14. i got kicked out of every highschool in the district after repeated suspensions and expulsions. it all came down to me and an art teacher with really really really bad breath. i went to a continuation school.....so it was one big room..anyway she was at the copy machine so snuck up behind her and blew a whistle and she screamed and threw a stack of papers up in the air. the whole school laughed at her. so they trieda hit me with assault charges. not like i went enough anyway....i was in legal trouble for truency. highschool was W A C K. so glad i never went seriously.
  15. they dint go and die..... unless they came back from the dead to provide the details about death preliminaries. man....i wanta motherfucking cig. fuck.
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